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The "Holy War," a battle fought between the Goddess Athena and the Underworld King Hades, has been taking place since the age of legends. This story takes place in the 18th century - far before the era of "Saint Seiya." It is a new story involving the Pegasus Saints, the Underworld King Hades, and the Goddess Athena! When Hades finishes his giant painting that covers the sky, "The Lost Canvas," it is said that all lives on Earth will be lost. Tenma, who became a Pegasus Saint, wishes to stop his best friend Alone, who was chosen to become a vessel for Hades. Look out for him as he heads for Hades' castle!

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ParaParaJMo's avatar by ParaParaJMo on Mar 13, 2014
Score 9/10

Obviously in comparison to the original series, Lost Canvas cuts right to the last story arc. Not only is it a prequel, it's a very excellent addition and extension to the original source material. I thought some things in the last Hades OAV arcs to the original series needed to be elaborated on and Lost Canvas expands on certain specific aspects. I'd talk about them, but they'd be spoilers to both Lost Canvas... read more

TheStampede01's avatar by TheStampede01 on Aug 28, 2012
Score 7/10

Now warning in advanced, I was a pretty big Saint Seiya (or as they called it here, Knights of the Zodiac) fan back when it was airing in Canada. It was like the dream anime for a kid, along with stuff like DBZ. So when this OVA started airing I was immedietly interested and began watching, if for nothing atleast nostalgic purposes. I was pleasently surprised with this prequel. Story- So this OVA is... read more

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