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Saint Seiya Movie 1: The Legend of the Golden Apple

Alt titles: Knights of the Zodiac Movie 1: The Legend of the Golden Apple

Saint Seiya Movie 1: The Legend of the Golden Apple main image
3.178 out of 5 from 1,641 votes
Rank #2,410


Eris, the Goddess of discord, has returned in the form of a golden apple and has kidnapped Athena. She is draining the life force out of the Goddess Athena in the hopes of fully resurrecting herself. On their way to rescue Athena, Seiya and his fellow Saints encounter the powerful protectors of Eris, the Ghost Saints! Will Seiya and the others be able to vanquish these foes and save Athena?

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Name Role
Michi HIMENO Character Design
Shingo ARAKI Character Design
Kozo MORISHITA Director
Seiji YOKOYAMA Music

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Watched Anime CeDeR 284 Oct 8, 2013
Completed ivxd 339 Sep 5, 2013
Everything Good Kirua 960 Apr 3, 2013

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not rated
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Yet another one of Kurumada sloppy works, featuring lots and lots of repetitive action and lots and lots of plot holes.

It isn't all that bad, though, if you come to terms with the need of having a decent if not satisfatory script and enjoy a show where the main characters keep trashing goonies and bosses with the same attack over and over again...