Saint Beast

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In the mystical world of Shangri-la, demons and humans live side by side, watched over by a parthenon of ancient Chinese gods. But when normally-civilized demons start to go berserk, the gods require the services of Genjou Sanzo - a Buddhist priest with a magical gun, an evil-banishing scripture and a take-no-prisoners attitude. Aided by the ancient monkey god Son Goku, the half-demon Sha Gojyo and the demon exterminator Cho Hakkai, he sets off on a treacherous journey westward, with armies of demons, dark mages and angry gods all standing in his way...

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AutumnFlower AutumnFlower says...

I find this to be similar in many ways, the characters seem to have the same personalities. Along with the story line to defeat an evil because of a request by the heavens.

gambitsprincess gambitsprincess says...

almost identical story lines in thier own ways and both have a good bit of hot guys, comdey, angst and plot twist

Angel's Feather

Angel's Feather

Hamura Shou is a young man who has been searching for his long lost younger brother named Kai since childhood. After transferring to an all-boys school, he manages to find him – but Kai denies it, and him in the process. Meanwhile, in the magical world of Winfield, the white-winged beings of the royal family have been killed and exiled, leaving the throne to its enemies. Through a series of events, the link between Earth and Winfield will be revealed – a link which will turn friends against each other, and cause tragedies to occur.

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Reasons you might like Angel's Feather...

cassiesheepgirl cassiesheepgirl says...

If you fancy a fix of angelic bishies and want a story of conflict, then both Saint Beast and Angel's Feather may be to your liking, but don't expect resolution from either or you'll be disappointed.