Sailor Moon Super S

Alt title: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Super S

TV (39 eps)
3.486 of 5 from 7,561 votes
Rank #2,027

When the Dead Moon Circus comes to town, it brings with it the Amazon Trio, whose members will inadvertently become the Sailor Scouts' new archenemies. Their mission is to capture a mysterious Pegasus that hides in the dreams of women; thus, the evil trio goes on a rampage of kidnapping women and viewing their innermost dreams and desires. The Sailor Scouts must embark on a mission to keep the women, and the Pegasus safe. Little do they know that he might be hiding closer than they expected...

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CaseyJewels's avatar by CaseyJewels on Nov 21, 2012
Score 7.5/10

Sailor Moon and the Sailor Soldiers are called into a new fight when the Dead Circus visits their town. The new enemy is shrouded in mystery, but it becomes obvious quickly they are after those with beautiful dreams, in search of a Pegasus who has a mighty power. Are the Sailor Soldiers strong enough to handle this new threat? I watched the original of this, with English subtitles, so I can't say much on the... read more

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