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Sailor Moon R

Sailor Moon R main image more screenshots
3.402 out of 5 from 8,924 votes
Rank #1,879

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Username Status Eps Rating
1c00la5a1n Watching     not rated
1r3n3i7z8i Watching 1   not rated
5aintdolphin Watching     not rated
9Shi Watching     not rated
aariea Watching     3 star rating
add074 Watching 27   not rated
Aesw Watching 32   3 star rating
aimeelove Watching     not rated
akem Watching 15   3.5 star rating
Alan5032 Watching 9   not rated
AlchemistKeiko Watching 10   not rated
AletheiaDuh Watching 15   not rated
alexiel Watching 23   not rated
alexshim Watching     5 star rating
Allywa Watching 15   5 star rating
AlmightySpada Watching     not rated
Amuiskira Watching 32   4 star rating
Ang3LYur1 Watching     not rated
AngelEstellise Watching     5 star rating
animegal101 Watching     not rated
AnimeGirl38200 Watching 9   not rated
AnimeNerd25 Watching     not rated
AnimeRealm Watching 7   not rated
AnimeSuki Watching 25   5 star rating
APDS Watching 14   2.5 star rating
Aquamarine Watching 23   4 star rating
ardisrawr Watching 20   not rated
Aruka Watching 42   4.5 star rating
atiloeficeia Watching 1   not rated
Axusus Watching 22   5 star rating
ayokiana Watching     not rated
Aysee Watching 20   not rated
AyumiTsukada Watching 8   not rated
babygurl2546 Watching 17   not rated
Bachpach Watching 20   3 star rating
Balum Watching 10   not rated
baronobeefdip Watching 25   2.5 star rating
beatmaster Watching     not rated
Beauty23 Watching 13   not rated
beretholimus Watching 6   2 star rating
Bigimus Watching 1   not rated
Bita Watching 9   not rated
bitterrabbit Watching     not rated
bituwinfish Watching     not rated
blackraine Watching 12   3 star rating
Bloodfang Watching     not rated
boysnextdoor Watching     not rated
BrokenDoll Watching     5 star rating
Bunnie Watching 10   5 star rating
bunnny92 Watching 20   not rated