Sailor Moon Memorial

Alt title: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Memorial

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Jan 29, 2013

Sailor Moon Memorial is almost an hour and a half long summary of everything that happened in the first season of Sailor Moon. It’s narrated by Sailor Moon and Luna. After the summary, there is a brief look at the rest of the monsters that didn’t make it into the summary. The last few minutes is taken up by a Japanese, then English, then Chinese, and then Spanish versions of a scene.

There’s nothing new or amazing in this. Like I said, it’s mostly just a really long summary, but I spent a few weeks tracking an English sub of this down (I don’t think it was ever dubbed, and it was very hard to find a fansub) because I wanted to see it at least once. I found it at if you’re looking for it. It’s a torrent.

I have a lousy memory and when watching the last season of Sailor Moon, I realized that I really didn’t remember the first season at all, so I enjoyed watching this. The summary splits the first season up into its arcs, and, even watching the summary, some of the bits hit you in the feels. They made sure to keep in quite a bit of the dramatic moments, and this summary reminded me as to why I will always love this first season best.

In my opinion, the longer it’s been since you’ve seen the first season of Sailor Moon, the more you will enjoy this, as it won’t be quite so boring. I did enjoy the commentary, but I didn’t feel as if there was enough of it to justify as long of a summary as this is.

Also, just a side note, Sailor Moon makes a negative comment about a gay relationship between the villains, and then she’s perfectly okay with a (spoiler for Sailor Stars) lesbian relationship she gets tricked into in the last season of Sailor Moon… Makes no sense to me.

Which reminds me. Content warning, as they felt a need to focus on the gay relationship between two of the villains during part of this summary.

8/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
6.5/10 overall
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