Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs

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No longer held back within the confines of Earth, space exploration is now commonplace throughout the universe. These new colonies, which make up the "New Frontier", are now home to the masses, but the evil mastermind Nemesis and his Outriders spread destruction throughout these worlds. In order to protect the citizens, an organization called Calvary Command was created to bring justice to these outlaws. Saber Rider and the elite agents known as Star Sheriffs now stand between the renegades of the universe and total chaos. Power Stride... AND READY TO RIDE!

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roriconfan Sep 15, 2012
Score 5.5/10


More commonly known as Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs, Sei Juushi Bismark is the very first not-so-just-for-kids series that ever aired on television outside of Japan.

For a mecha series, it was the first to offer true character interaction. The protagonists did not spend the entire show inside their base just waiting for the next attack. They were going on holidays, discussing their... read more

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BHawes Sep 1, 2015
Score 1/10

This was a cartoon made in the tradition of Battle of the Planets, another series of that category was (Lion) Voltron. The storyline was altered (original series not really a western), 7ZARK7-based episodes were added, and the character that was chosen to be tital character wasn't really the leader, he wasn't even second-in-command. 7ZARK7 characters include: General Whitehawk Nova (Female... read more



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