Saber Marionette J

TV (25 eps)
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Otaru Mamiya is just an ordinary teenage boy living on Terra 2: a planet inhabited by only men, on which women have been replaced by lifelike yet emotionless robots called 'marionettes.' But his life changes forever when he meets Lime, a spunky marionette with the mind of a child and--amazingly enough--the emotions of one as well! Soon, the demure Cherry and the outgoing Bloodberry join him as well, but he'll need all their help if he is to stop the evil Faust, ruler of Gartland, from taking over their beloved kingdom of Japoness!

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zaikon Aug 21, 2015
Score 10/10

The anime is awesome, I've watched the dubs and they're great! The story is great, the animation for its time is fantastic, no problems with sound, infact I love their soundtract! The characters Lime, Cherry and Bloodberry, those three distinct characters are great, emanating their own unique personalities. I would highly recommend this anime to anyone. read more

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