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Ryuusei no Rockman Tribe

Alt titles: Megaman Star Force Tribe

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3.284 out of 5 from 314 votes
Rank #2,137


It has been months since the FM King cleared the last of the Denpa virii (electromagnetic life forms) of Planet FM from the planet Earth. But all is not peaceful as more Denpa viruses, different from those of the FM Planet, have started to appear. Where are these new Denpa life forms coming from? It turns out that the FM King's actions have disrupted the seal of the lost continent of Mu, a civilization that achieved Denpa technology long ago. Now, Rockman must protect the three OOOPart keys to prevent the new Denpa life forms from completely breaking the seal of Mu and unleashing the ultimate life form…

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Name Role
Shingo ADACHI Character Design
Takao KATO Director
Shuhei NARUSE Music

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