Ryuusei no Rockman

Alt title: Megaman Star Force

TV (55 eps x 10 min)
3.037 of 5 from 944 votes
Rank #3,315

In the future, Earth’s communication network has been rapidly developed, and the Wave Road connects the real world to radio waves. In this golden age, a belligerent race from Planet FM has begun to attack the world, with the intentions of destroying it and its inhabitants. Meanwhile, on one starry night the young Subaru, who dreams of going to space, meets the FM life form known as War-Rock; and together, they are able to fuse and become Rockman, a being capable of traveling the Wave Road and defeating the FM life forms. Now, in addition to fighting Denpa viruses and other monsters, Subaru must also discover the secret behind his father’s disappearance and the reason why the FM life forms want to capture War-Rock.

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  • (Dub) Omega-Xis: The Fugitive image

    Episode 1

    (Dub) Omega-Xis: The Fugitive

  • (Dub) Electromagnetic Wave Change! image

    Episode 2

    (Dub) Electromagnetic Wave Change!

  • (Dub) Trouble Takes Wing image

    Episode 3

    (Dub) Trouble Takes Wing

  • (Dub) Crowded Air Waves image

    Episode 4

    (Dub) Crowded Air Waves

  • (Dub) Two New Visitors image

    Episode 5

    (Dub) Two New Visitors

  • (Dub) The Song of Lyra Note image

    Episode 6

    (Dub) The Song of Lyra Note

  • (Dub) Science Friction image

    Episode 7

    (Dub) Science Friction

  • (Dub) Laughter in EM Wave Space image

    Episode 8

    (Dub) Laughter in EM Wave Space

  • (Dub) From Double to Bubble image

    Episode 9

    (Dub) From Double to Bubble

  • (Dub) Mega Man Express and Wolf Woods image

    Episode 10

    (Dub) Mega Man Express and Wolf Woods

  • (Dub) Wolf: Roar of Anger image

    Episode 11

    (Dub) Wolf: Roar of Anger

  • (Dub) Collision Course image

    Episode 12

    (Dub) Collision Course

  • (Dub) Biggest Fan or Biggest Foe? image

    Episode 13

    (Dub) Biggest Fan or Biggest Foe?

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