Ryokunohara Labyrinth

OVA (1 ep x 40 min)
1.672 of 5 from 212 votes
Rank #6,813

One dark and stormy night, Hiroki Imanishi lept in front of a car, saving one young girl's life -- and ending his own. Upon leaving his body, Hiroki discovered that he was not alone, being joined by Fhalhei the evil spirit, a being that loves Hiroki and wants him for her own. What's worse is that Hiroki's body seems to be inhabited by a new spirit! Can the real Hiroki and his companion Kanata Tokino get to the bottom of this mystery before Hiroki loses his life for good?

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sothis Dec 4, 2004
Score 3/10

So, we have two guys: Hiroki and Kanata. They are very close friends, and perhaps something more. Let me first debunk the myth that this is a yaoi anime. It really irritates me that people see anything that could be a HINT of shounen-ai (male/male love, not sexually) and label it yaoi. OH MY GOD TWO GUYS TOGETHER STAB MY FACE OFF YAOOIIIIIII!!!! In reality, there isn't anything that even comes... read more



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