Rune Soldier

Alt title: Mahou Senshi Louie

TV (24 eps)
3.567 of 5 from 2,447 votes
Rank #2,094

Louie is a student at a mage’s school, but secretly yearns for adventure. One night he meets a group of treasure hunters: Melissa, a Mylee priestess; Genie, a warrior; and Merill, a thief. They are in need of a mage so Louie volunteers to join them, but they decline his offer when they witness his poor mage skills. The next day, Melissa prays to her god to guide her to the hero she should serve. Her god replies that the next man she sees will be her hero, after which Louie literally falls down from the sky! Against her will, Louie is the hero she should honor and thus, Louie is accepted into their group. He is now a treasure hunter, mage, warrior, and hero?! With little expertise in anything, he can't possibly be of much use!

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GunarmDyne Jan 14, 2010
Score 8.3/10

Watching any fantasy genre in anime form is always a unique experience simply because it never follows the same rules as one would expect when watching something produced in a Western nation. Oftentimes the heroes are completely inept at what they do or, in the case of a certain sorceress who shall remain nameless, often seem more diabolically evil than the villain. Rune Soldier features an interesting mix... read more

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