Ruin Explorers

Alt titles: Hikyou Tanken Fam & Ihrlie

OVA (4 eps)
3.08 out of 5 from 677 votes
Rank #2,683

Ihrie and Fam are just two of the many explorers searching ruins for something called the 'ultimate power'. With the 'ultimate power' the owner has the ability to have any wish granted. Of course all the explorers have different motives for finding this relic, ranging from revenge on a curse-casting mentor, to saving a kingdom from utter destruction.

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N41X's avatar by N41X on Oct 20, 2010
Score: 7/10

Ruin Explorers turn you exactly in to what name states: Someone who looks at this old anime in hopes of finding a treasure but you´ll need to first search it in order to see whether you´ll find a treasure or just piles dirt. So what does this 4 episode OVA hide inside ? Story: 7 The story takes us to a fantasy world where people called Ruin Explorers do their work in order to either... read more



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