Rozen Maiden: Traumend

TV (12 eps)
4.024 of 5 from 7,338 votes
Rank #910

After defeating Suigintou, Jun, Shinku, Suiseiseki, Souseiseki, and Hina Ichigo continue going about their daily lives, with Jun now attending school and the dolls amusing themselves. Shinku, however, still carries much guilt over Suigintou's demise, because they were in the end still sisters. One night, however, Shinku spots Suigintou's partner spirit Mei-Mei and follows it into another artificial world, where she meets Barasuishou-- the seventh and final Rozen Maiden. With the Alice Game now accelerating with Barasuishou's apperance, will Shinku and friends be able to continue living their easygoing lives with Jun?

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Epimondas Apr 21, 2015
Score 8/10

This series starts where the previous season/series ended.  There is an intriguing network of interconnected events woven together like a spider web that culminate in the final episode.  What you are left feeling from it maybe a bit convoluted and up for debate. ***Spoiler*** It is hard to say what the ending sequence suggests.  Could Jun be the father? Just a student/apprentice, or some... read more

kingofdemons's avatar
kingofdemons Feb 21, 2015
Score 8.3/10

Story was slow to start but when the story gets going super fun to see and the fight secnes  Animation was very pretty good some parts here and there where a little bit of frame drop's but nothing to get all sad and mad about,  Sound was very good there was no high or low spots vrey clean and crip Characters they where a pretty cool cast well even the main Character got cooler when thing... read more

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