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Rozen Maiden: Ouverture

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4.03 out of 5 from 4,497 votes
Rank #644


One day, Jun brings home a new brooch for Shinku's outfit. To his surprise,she seems upset at this and coldly refuses his gift. Thankfully, Souseiseki notices Jun’s confusion and begins to explain the events surrounding their first contact with Suigintou in the distant past. Now, Jun will finally learn the origin of Shinku and Suigintou’s hatred for each other – in addition to why Shinku refuses to wear the beautiful new brooch Jun bought for her.


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Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Rozen Maiden TV 2004 Same Franchise
Rozen Maiden: Traumend TV 2005 Original
Rozen Maiden: Detective Kun-Kun TV Special 2006 TBD
Rozen Maiden Zur├╝ckspulen TV 2013 TBD

related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Rozen Maiden 2002 Same Franchise
Shoujo no Tsukurikata 2008 TBD
Rozen Maiden - Dolls Talk 2011 TBD
Name Role
Kumi ISHII Character Design
Kou MATSUO Director
Shinkichi MITSUMUNE Music
Peach-Pit Original Manga Creator
Yoshihisa NAKAYAMA Producer
Shinichi NAKAMURA Producer
Kozue KANENIWA Producer
Chiaki TERADA Producer

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Title Author Score Date
Rozen Maiden: Ouverture Quizap 8.5/10 Aug 16, 2010
List Title Username Entries Date
Good Dubs Kruszer 203 Apr 9, 2014
Top Priority List XcanaXalberona 17 Jan 20, 2014
Hundred Watched List iksman 100 Jan 8, 2014
Gildesh watched Rozen Maiden: Ouverture at 2 of 2 episodes
ReikaChan rated the Rozen Maiden: Ouverture anime 5/5 stars
ReikaChan watched Rozen Maiden: Ouverture at 2 of 2 episodes
vaikepois watched Rozen Maiden: Ouverture at 2 of 2 episodes
josio watched Rozen Maiden: Ouverture at 2 of 2 episodes

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Both animes have a similar storyline.

In both anime's there is an evil guy and a good guy and background people.


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Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

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It's actually sort of difficult to explain why you would like both shows, but the fan bases for these two overlap quite heavily. Both the Nanoha and Rozen Maiden franchises definitely fall within the "magical girl" genre, but in many ways innovate past the genre's conventions and provide a similarly entertaining experience despite a lack of directly shared traits.