Rozen Maiden: Detective Kun-Kun

Alt titles: Detective Kun-Kun, Meitantei Kun-Kun

TV Special (1 ep x 7 min)
2.556 of 5 from 1,951 votes
Rank #4,948

Inspector Cat, Detective Kun-Kun, Madam Rabbit and the rest of the gang are dishing it up at a dinner party one evening, chatting and admiring Madam Rabbit's newest gift: a gorgeous Blue Tiara! However, things take a turn for the worse when the lights go out, for Madam Rabbit's treasure is stolen! Now, Detective Kun-Kun and Inspector Cat must put on their thinking caps and catch the culprit - the mysterious Cat Thief!

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andreichekov Nov 22, 2016
Score 3/10

The problem with Detective Kun Kun is that it has very little that actually matters to Rozen Maiden at all. Its not so much that this short is bad, just that it has a different reason for being than all of the rest of Rozen Maiden. Its a tough break to get into something that uses the name and has different production goals. Also, the voices annoy me. read more

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