Rosario to Vampire


TheChibiTanuki's avatar By on Jan 5, 2014

Story: 7/10

Rosario + Vampire is about a boy named Tsukune Aono who fails to get into to highschool and he is sent to another school called Youkai Academy which happens to be run by monsters. He meets a vampire called Moka Akashiya who becomes his friend, saves him from EVERY monster he meets and loves to suck his blood. Later on you meet other girls who fall in love with him.

Animation: 5.9/10

The animation looks beautiful, the fight scene look great but a lot of points need to be taken off for the pantyshots EVERY 2 MINUTES It's all the time! other than that it all looks pretty good. But Mizore's ice hair can make up for that IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL! 

Sound: 5/10

There really isn't much to say on it. Some of the songs are pretty cute, voises are ok and all (a lot of them a great voise actors)

Characters: 4.1/10

The characters are a little flat and often only do anything for the sake of the all mighty Tsukune. They also get a bit selfish at times but can also be crazy funny about it all. The best character to show this example is Mizore Shirayuki. She is really shy and is Tsukune's number 1 stalker and is sometimes kinda hard to hear. She had a really creat character introdution in the anime but seems to fall back after Tsukune helps her and she falls for him. Long sotry short the characters become quite bland after becoming his friend.

Overall: 8.5/10

It isn't a completly horrible anime and can be worth the watch if you over look it's flaws, sometimes it gets really funny/dramatic. It has some very touching storylines and it's character designs can blow you away! 

Tuniki little note!: I couldn't take Tsukune very seroiusly for a lot of the anime since his english voice actor also voices Watanuki from xxxHolic. So everytime they tried to be serious i couldn't stop picturing Watanuki XD

7/10 story
5.9/10 animation
5/10 sound
4.1/10 characters
4.4/10 overall
zar14's avatar By on Feb 24, 2010

this was a great anime. i loved it. i really enjiy the idea of vamoires and werewolves and other creatures, and what made it more interesting is thast they made look SEXY! even though there really was no story and its just tsukune (whos human) going to a monster skool and the whole anime is just telling his life story, im sure any guy would want to have his life because he has 5 girls fighting over him. yea thats right 5! during the course of the show more and more come. of course he stars with one but as time passes he meets more and more they fall for him and the trick is only these girls kno that he is human. if the rest of the skool found out he was human he would be killed on the spot. i recomend watching it jus for laughs cuz it is hilarious it has great animation. hope you enjoy!

8/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
10/10 characters
9/10 overall
Epimondas's avatar By on May 3, 2015

For an anime based on a really good manga, they did a horrible job.  Even if it were not based on a manga and I judged it without that foundation, it is barely subpar because of how badly the story gets sucked into a mundane boring rinse and repeat routine.  She is the wolverine of the X-men movies.  Ya know a story with an ensemble type of cast of characters but irresponsibly it focuses too much on one character.  The mistake with X-men is, it is supposed to be a team, not a one man show.  In Rosario's case, though the rest of the cast may not have the same power or level of power they have different skills and specialties that in the manga you get to see them use alot more.  It is seen some in the manga but not as much and in the end, everyone still depends way too heavily on Rosario herself.  She always needs Tskune to remove her rosary but that isn't the way things always worked in the manga, which makes for an incredibly worlds better story.  Also, in the anime, the characters do not seem to progress or change much or at least no where near like they do once again in the manga.  

I know video media usually takes on some creative license when presenting stories especially story adaptions from books or comics but usually they at least try to cater to the strengths of the story and not turn it in to complete rubbish and a meek shadow of the literary presentation like this series did.  Sure, they do a pretty good job of setting up the story, presenting the characters, and giving each a little background/side stories, and then they taper off quite a bit quality wise.  Tskune feels like the most weak and worthless character ever presented in any story and he is stuck with that moniker.  This series does nothing to turn him into a worthile character.  The manga might differ with it's treatment of Tskune more than anything else.  Since the manga does just that, Tskune changes, he contributes, he adapts and grows while aquiring some skills to handle the influx of challenges, the dynamic with him and Moka is much better and stronger, and his part of the story is one of the most interesting in recent years.  That's is a total opposite of the anime Tskune.  Anime Tskune is a total wimp who relise almost exclusively on others, especiallly Moka to bail him out of virtually every little problem.  He never has a chance to learn, adapt, handle things on his own, or really contribute, he is only a hand that removes the rosary and sorry folks at the studio that produced this sad adaption, that just is not enough.

There are some good story arcs and nice little bits of humor, true, however, it all resembles fluffy decorations meant to conceal a total train wreck of a production.  In the end, the constant rinse and repeat cycle that so drastically veers off from the manga, makes the series pretty dull with no depth or meat to the story, no welcome changes from trying experiences all the friends share to any great degree, and even the story arcs are missing so many elements they are mere shadows of similar story arcs featured in the manga.  As far as literary works adaptions to video media go, this is one of the worst if not the worst one ever done.  As far as standing on its own separate from the manga, it might qualify as a small footnote of interest but nothing outstanding.  

The animation quality is as good or better than the manga, the sound is up to specs, the stupid bad is a crappy distraction that takes more edge off the story than contributes any positive factors, and the over the top constant simpleton level mushy scenes only serve to enhance how poor this series is when compared to the spectacular manga.  Consequences are pretty obvious by how far off it strays from the manga such as, a significant drop in action, a much weaker and harder to follow progression of love story, much shallower characters who contribute a fraction of what they do in the manga, fewer story arcs, fewer antagonists, far less tension, muddled pacing, mismatched and or screwed up characters, heavy plot holes that when compered to the manga make you go "oh now i get it", sloppy story arcs that are by comparision incomplete, huge changes between the manga and anime that not only do not benefit the series but severely handicaps it in major negative ways.  

I really wish they did the anime right, it would be one of the best if it were even close to the content of the manga.  There are too many changes from the original story and honestly none of them are good.  It is almost as if the creators skimmed summaries or breif reviews of the manga rather than actually read a single issue.  One of the biggest plot devices is completely missing that involves one of the most interesting side characters, the chairman.  What the manga does with the relationship between Moka and Tskune when faced with adversity really stands out as a unique and cool concept completely missing from the anime.  It is partly this unique relationship that the entire story is actually centered around but since such a significant and important factor is wholly missing from the series, for that reason alone it can never measure up even to the feet of the manga.

2/10 story
5/10 animation
5/10 sound
2/10 characters
3/10 overall
jade161588's avatar By on Dec 14, 2010

Rosario + Vampire (we'll just call it "Rosario") was a decent moe Anime. Cute girls of all types, the dimwitted guy, and school setting all work together to make a cliché but enjoyable Anime for both guys and girls.

The story is about a boy named Tsukune Aono who gets accepted into a private school full of demons disguised as humans. Of course, he doesn't know it's a school of demons at first. He quickly befriends Moka Akashiya, a bright and cheerful vampire with a taste for only Tsukune's blood. The two eventually work out a pact to keep Tsukune's human identity a secret, for if the school finds out that the's not a demon, he will be killed. The story goes on to reveal both characters' strengths and weaknesses as well as their real personalities. They meet more friends like the succubus Kurumu, the witch Yukari, and the ice woman demon (yuki-onna) Mizore. And when the characters are in a pinch, Tsukune often finds himself accidentally taking off the cross rosario around Moka's neck to reveal the sealed, true form of Moka Akashiya who is ruthless, cold, and powerful.

Though the story progresses smoothly, I know I was caught at times wondering why a few of the episodes were necessary. The first 'season' spans only thirteen episodes and one would think that within thirteen episodes, each episode would greatly impact the storyline overall. While there were character progression in the episodes, I feel they could have been intertwined into a better plot development.

It's also necessary to point out that this isn't a cliffhanger Anime. The end of most of the episodes are the end of that particular mini-story and you aren't waiting to finish a scene by watching another episode. I really appreciated this because I tend to end up watching a full season in one sitting thanks to cliffhangers. This Anime let me take breaks and come back to it the next day. It was an easy going Anime.

It was also easy for the eyes. It wasn't too flashy or too high paced. I also felt that the art was beautiful and cute. Men may find the women to be well drawn and well endowed (unless you're into the under-developed, in which case you have Yukari). Women may find the characters to be cute and lovable. It's not drawn to be all that sexual and it wasn't drawn to be a sappy romance Anime. I think the art style appeals to both genders quite well.

Couple the well done graphics with well done soundtrack and you have a decent Anime. The mood shifts often in each episode and whatever music they pair with the scene compliments each mood without a drastic change.

Speaking of mood shifts, I'd like to explain why there is such drastic mood shifts. The characters all have a very wide range of personalities. Even the characters on the side have very definitive personalities. Though the problems presented in each episode vary from trivial to life threatening, there's always a character to lighten the mood or make things serious.

Overall, Rosario was very well done. The comedy within it made it very entertaining even if the serious moments are too ridiculous to like. Each characters' personalities nearly guarantees that you will have a favorite character (I love Mizore). Each episode, even if not necessary to the storyline, is short and to the point. This Anime is just a nice 'feel-good' Anime to watch once in awhile when you're bored. The series as a whole is short and it really doesn't require you to invest a lot of time. I'd recommend this Anime to anyone who's stuck waiting between new episode releases of other Animes they may be currently watching.

5/10 story
7/10 animation
5/10 sound
6/10 characters
6/10 overall
Komirai's avatar By on Oct 3, 2012

"Side tracked from its original story and ended up being a half-baked series."

Before we begin, let me drill this into your mind. Fan service; Fan service; Fan service; Fan service; Fan service! That's the theme for this anime so don't start having high hopes for an amazing story or what not (at least nothing in comparison to the manga original). Rosario + Vampire, like many manga-to-anime adaptation series, made fans screamed with joy at first, but only to have their hopes and dreams shattered bit by bit as the anime progresses. It is true that the anime's story plot deviates from its origin, but it is also true that the artwork is astounding (the animation version of the characters look more attractive to me). So let us get into a deeper analysis of Rosario + Vampire.

The anime is considered pretty episodic (ie. standalone episodes) with a few exceptions near the end of the series. This goes parallel with its manga originals so it is nothing new to the readers. However, what is new is the extremely formulaic sequence in all episodes with an introduction to the "monster of the episode" (these monsters tend to get defeated and then become friends with the protagonists). Not only that, but the actual story coverage is also very minimal in the anime (only covered up to chapter 10 of the manga out of 40 chapters). But that is not to say it is all bad. In fact, certain portions of the story that were remade into anime were better planned (events flow smoother/made more logical sense) than the manga version. Overall, the story serve its purpose as an introduction to the Rosario + Vampire series.

Consistent animation quality throughout, beautifully animated characters, plus smooth transition from scene to scene, what more can you ask for? Gonzo, while not exactly known for extremely high quality animation (at least not at the level of KyotoAnimation), does indeed proved itself a worthy opponent to other studios in the industry.

OP and ED are both very enjoyable for me (I didn't skip them like I did for a lot of other anime). It should not be an annoyance to you either (I hope). As for seiyu, there are many talented and well known professionals to voice for our pretty girls (and boys). For instance, there is the cute Rie Kugimiya voicing for the "icy cold" Mizore, and Saeko Chiba voicing for the "very funny" Ruby.

I would like to bring the attention to Nana Mizuki who is the CV for our super hot/cute/pretty/gorgeous Moka and also the singer for the OP and ED of the series (and the singer for Capu2 as well). Nana is not only famous in the seiyu community, but is admired by all. She has an amazing ability to sing (even rivals those so-called "professional" singers) thanks to her powerful singing voice despite being a pretty tiny girl. She was also the winner of the “Best Musical Performance” award in the first Seiyu Awards. For those who have not yet experienced her excellent character voicing ability (and as a singer), I strongly suggest you give this series a try.

Aside from the fact that most character's hidden abilities were not included in the anime, the show did a pretty good job with the characters. Plenty of character developments and showing their inner feelings toward each other (especially near the end when certain secrets were discovered). In addition, the interaction between the many different types of monsters can be quite refreshing from the traditional harem-oriented anime.

7/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
7/10 characters
7.8/10 overall