Roots Search

OVA (1 ep x 45 min)
1.192 out of 5 from 139 votes
Rank #6,001

Deep in the recesses of space, onboard a space station, a young woman named Moira is having terrifying dreams of her crewmates' bloody future. As if to prove the premonition, a lone spacecraft later descends upon the station casting a SOS distress call, though only one member of its crew was left alive. The visions begin to come true when Moira and her friends uncover a mysterious alien who can somehow manifest itself into their fears and regrets. With the crew being picked off on by one, and tensions rising, can any of them last long enough to escape?


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sothis's avatar by sothis on Jan 15, 2005
Score: 5.8/10

First of all, Roots Search has one of the most unexplained titles ever. Some series have titles that somehow relate to the story, but I have absolutely no idea why "Roots Search" was chosen for this OVA. It has nothing to do with roots (except tentacle looking things at the end), and nothing to do with searching.

Anyways, Roots Search takes places on a space station that houses the... read more

dalmain's avatar by dalmain on Aug 24, 2013
Score: 6/10

Roots Search starts off with the crew of the Tolmeckius, a ESP research lab in space. A crew of four people which includes our heroine Moira. Moira seems to have precognitive abilities. The crew receives an S.O.S signal and comes across the "Green Planet" a ship that has obviously been under some sort of distress. There they find the lone survivor of the ship Buzz. As well they find a mysterious... read more



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