Ronin Warriors

Alt title: Yoroiden Samurai Troopers

TV (39 eps)
3.282 of 5 from 2,310 votes
Rank #2,565

A thousand years ago the evil Arago threatened to conquer all of humanity, but his plan fell short when a mystical holy warrior succeeded in sending him back to the Netherworld. In order to prevent the return of the evil lord the man separated Arago's indestructible armor and scattered the pieces. Now, centuries later, five young friends receive the magical samurai armor and become gifted with special weapons and abilities. The task of stopping Arago and his minions from once again unleashing chaos into the world rests in their hands. Will these young warriors be able to thwart his diabolical plan for revenge, or will they succumb to the evil desires brought out by the armor?

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ParaParaJMo's avatar by ParaParaJMo on Mar 13, 2014
Score 8/10

Welcome to one of the original modern day cult classics of anime. The licensors originally intended to keep its true title, Yoroiden Samurai Troopers, but because of Saban Entertainment’s two big name titles at the time: Super Human Samurai Cyber Squad and VR Troopers having the names in their titles, they feared a law suit. I know it’s stupid, but this is America we’re talking about. But I... read more

Pauwolf's avatar by Pauwolf on Feb 18, 2011
Score 6/10

When I was a child, I loved this anime, more than "Saint Seya", but I have to rate it 6/10 because, after watching it some months ago, I discovered that it has many flaws. The story talks about 5 boys who are able to summon and wear element-related samurai armours (the red one has the fire armour, the green one has the lightning armour, the orange one has the earth armour, the blue one has the sky... read more

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