Rockman EXE

Alt title: MegaMan: NT Warrior


Custom Lists

my top 10 animeby MBlightning

just a list of my top 10 anime. first list from end 2015

Want to watch... a somewhat cool animeby Nosi

Sorted list for when I want something that is cool but does not enlighten me or becomes something that excites me . Also, relaxed ones are in the other list, which saddly includes Ecchi Bullshit. In order of priority, to keep track of what I'm...

Nostalgiaby Renusek

Anime series played in polish tv

My favourite shows/moviesby thecrimsonclaw

Just a list of all my favourite shows and movies

All My Lifeby Yuichiro

All the animes I have watched since birth up to now NOTE: Some of the animes in my list are marked as "want to watch". I included them in the list because I'm too lazy to sort all of them out...