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Robotech: The Masters

Robotech: The Masters main image more screenshots
3.281 out of 5 from 1,412 votes
Rank #2,184

User Stats - Dropped

Username Status Eps Rating
0rbitalStriker0rion Dropped 12   2.5 star rating
AimyRobens Dropped     not rated
anderesu Dropped     not rated
angeltargee Dropped     not rated
anifanimation Dropped     not rated
arkhey Dropped     not rated
Ashminigun Dropped 15   2 star rating
basroil Dropped 3   not rated
BattleHopper Dropped 2   not rated
Brank Dropped     not rated
cilesazer Dropped     not rated
ckrautwald Dropped     2 star rating
DegasClover Dropped 22   not rated
Dionysus Dropped 8   not rated
dj8900 Dropped     not rated
Dynast0220 Dropped 3   1.5 star rating
frigimonfanatic Dropped 5   3 star rating
Gin Dropped 13   3 star rating
JigokuShoujo Dropped     not rated
Katepesama Dropped     not rated
kurando Dropped 6   not rated
macie Dropped     not rated
mangadroid Dropped 7   not rated
marianita Dropped 15   not rated
Ngoch Dropped     not rated
njm1314 Dropped 6   1 star rating
okuyama123 Dropped 7   3 star rating
onishizx Dropped 1   1 star rating
punkypoison Dropped 6   not rated
reverendWitonTap Dropped 3   2 star rating
SevenSeals Dropped     2 star rating
Sieg Dropped 5   1 star rating
Sng Dropped 2   not rated
snowydude Dropped 14   2.5 star rating
soultorndrummer Dropped 15   2 star rating
SpeedyTurtle Dropped 6   1.5 star rating
spexwood Dropped 1   not rated
stokage Dropped 2   not rated
sutorippu Dropped 4   0.5 star rating
TehPWNisher Dropped 6   1.5 star rating
Theta Dropped 12   0.5 star rating
WestLD Dropped     not rated
ZereD Dropped 4   not rated