Robot Girls Z

TV (3 eps x 27 min)
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Robot Girls Z

At the Nerima Ward Ooizumi Academy Photonic District, the Robot Girls are selling "Photonic Energy', a new type of "cheap and green power." The lab's research has been going nowhere and their government funding's been cut off, so their finances are a mess. Just when the three robot girls are bored out of their minds, the part-timers they hired arrive. They are Garada-K7, with her long pigtails, and Doublas-M2, who only speaks with the two hand-puppets she wears. But they soon realize that the two have come to stop them from selling Photonic Energy, and a battle begins.

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SpanglishJC's avatar
SpanglishJC Mar 9, 2017
Score 6/10

SpanglishJC's Robot Girls Z 'Short Review' This anime was alright. Spoilers for my thoughts there I suppose. What the show lacked in substance it made up for with its silly humour and fairly funny characters, making this show rather enjoyable for the 80+ minute runtime it boasts. Story and Characters There was no real story present here, it's just things happening exclusive to the episode it happens in. The... read more

Nicknames's avatar
Nicknames Feb 4, 2017
Score 4/10

Robot Girls Z is a short comedy that many would disregard based on its name and or looks (that’s it when they aren’t wondering if it’s related to Dragon Ball Z) but, is it really as bad as it looks? Like in many shows of this kind, there’s almost any plot and instead there’s plenty of slapstick comedy to fill the voids. Some shows manage to compensate the lack of plot with... read more

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