Ristorante Paradiso

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Located on a small street near the center of Rome, the Casetta dell'orso is a small yet popular restaurant staffed by a group of older, bespectacled gentlemen. Nicoletta is a twenty-one-year-old woman who has just arrived in Rome to meet with her estranged mother's husband, who owns the restaurant. She intends to inform him that not only was his wife married once before, but also that she is her daughter - a secret her mother desperately wants kept. When she arrives at the restaurant Nicoletta becomes enamoured with Claudio, one of the waiters, and begins to spend more time there. Despite the age gap, Nicoletta finds her feelings towards Claudio growing; and after making a promise to keep her mother's secret, Nicoletta begins working at the restaurant as an apprentice chef. Now she is trying her hardest to become a good cook, but can Nicoletta overcome the difference in age and win the quiet Claudio's heart?

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    Episode 1


  • The Ring image

    Episode 2

    The Ring

  • Paradiso image

    Episode 3


  • Casetta dell'Orso image

    Episode 4

    Casetta dell'Orso

  • The Flavor of Orsini image

    Episode 5

    The Flavor of Orsini

  • Husband and Wife image

    Episode 6

    Husband and Wife

  • A Special Day image

    Episode 7

    A Special Day

  • Days of Yore image

    Episode 8

    Days of Yore

  • A Day Off at the Ristorante image

    Episode 9

    A Day Off at the Ristorante

  • Secret Love image

    Episode 10

    Secret Love

  • The People of the Ristorante image

    Episode 11

    The People of the Ristorante

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cassiesheepgirl's avatar by cassiesheepgirl on Oct 28, 2009
Score 8.5/10

I remember when I was once on holiday in France, I was on a beach when, amongst all the pebbles and bits of sea-worn glass, I picked up what appeared to be a regular piece of flint. When I looked closer, I noticed that one side had a hole that was filled with tiny crystals; finding it made my holiday. I see each new anime season as being just like that beach. Wade through the excitement... read more

sarwor248's avatar by sarwor248 on Oct 6, 2009
Score 8/10

A nice relaxing anime with an interesting twist. I can honestly say this is the only reverse harem I've seen that features older men. I was worried it would be about lecherous old men drooling over a young woman, but it wasn't. If anything, the men are portrayed as sex objects more than the women! It is romantic in a unique way, and the plot is actually quite interesting. The food isn't quite center stage, and... read more

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