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Amidst the turbulent revolution of 2025 wrought by the GGP government, Rin Ogata only dreams of becoming a ballerina; like her mother before her, Rin’s grace and agility mean she’s destined for success on the stage. However, an injury and the untimely death of her parents quickly shatter her aspirations and, for once, Rin’s existence seems purposeless. That is, until she enters the garage of a club one day and sits astride a RideBack! The RideBack, a motorcycle with arms and the ability to stand upright, offers Rin a new world of boundless movement! What she doesn’t realize, however, is that this club of RideBack enthusiasts is about to get dragged into the bloody war between the GGP and the terrorists intent on overthrowing them. Life may be more exciting now, but it’s also become very dangerous: will Rin’s natural talents as a pilot be enough in a world where racing is not just for glory, but for survival?

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  • The Crimson Iron Horse image

    Episode 1

    The Crimson Iron Horse

  • Challenge from Tamayo!? S.L.F: Spread Legs Form image

    Episode 2

    Challenge from Tamayo!? S.L.F: Spread Legs Form

  • And There's the Flag image

    Episode 3

    And There's the Flag

  • A Close Call for Shoko image

    Episode 4

    A Close Call for Shoko

  • The Mysterious RideBack Girl image

    Episode 5

    The Mysterious RideBack Girl

  • The Lightning-Fast RideBack image

    Episode 6

    The Lightning-Fast RideBack

  • Crime and Punishment image

    Episode 7

    Crime and Punishment

  • Get Ride! the Chosen One image

    Episode 8

    Get Ride! the Chosen One

  • In the Sunny Garden image

    Episode 9

    In the Sunny Garden

  • Master of the War image

    Episode 10

    Master of the War

  • Cloudy Followed by Occasional Rain... image

    Episode 11

    Cloudy Followed by Occasional Rain...

  • To the Stage of Light image

    Episode 12

    To the Stage of Light

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Jellz212's avatar by Jellz212 on Jul 9, 2012
Score 7.5/10

Ride Back is what you get when you mix a Ballerina, Politics, and Motorcycle robots together. The story itself is rather unique because it ties in these elements to make a very nice story that is a lot different from what you would think. The problem here is that the show ran for 12 episodes making it a victim of short run time. The story goes from a slow paced tale about a girl that gave up ballet and has... read more

sortitus's avatar by sortitus on Aug 27, 2011
Score 8.1/10

RideBack was the second anime I watched as it aired, and the sixth overall. It left me with a good impression when I first watched it, so I couldn't resist checking out the blu-ray version when I saw it a few days ago. To be honest, I wasn't really expecting it to stack up to some of the awesome shows I've seen in the last couple years, but it surprised me. I liked it just as much this time around, and caught... read more

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