Riddle Story of Devil

Alt title: Akuma no Riddle


Custom Lists

Yuri animeby Ritslou

Yuri anime I've seen, alpha order. Yuri scale: 1-10. 1 just close friends that hang out or don't mind sharing a bed, 2 platonic love, 3 hand holding, 4 blushing, 5 flirting (teasing) or subtext, 6 fantasy (or confused with feelings) thoughts or...

Survival-game / Survival-game likeby Aishie

From most to least survival game like.

Anime with good OPsby Nikkipicky71

All of the anime here have good OP/ED songs that I found were good. This list is not in number ranked order really.

Animes That Had Me Thrilled 💝😂by Anifetko

It's basically the animes that I liked most. 😂

Animes with Female Protagonistby PurplePeopleEater

Animes with the main character being female. The story follows the female not the male.