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Ribon no Kishi

Alt titles: Princess Knight

Ribon no Kishi
2.427 out of 5 from 53 votes
Rank #3,905


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Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Princess Knight 1953 TBD
Name Role
Kazuko NAKAMURA Character Design
Sadao MIYAMOTO Character Design
Chikao KATSUI Director
Kanji AKABORI Director
Isao TOMITA Music
Osamu TEZUKA Original Manga Creator
Kazuyuki HIROKAWA Producer
Tadayoshi WATANABE Producer

Community Reviews

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Title Author Score Date
Ribon no Kishi roriconfan 6.5/10 Aug 17, 2012
Princess Knight roriconfan 6.5/10 Aug 17, 2012
List Title Username Entries Date
Female Protagonist anime Ginevra 266 Oct 31, 2011
RedSkullXIII rated the Ribon no Kishi anime 1.5/5 stars
RedSkullXIII watched Ribon no Kishi at 52 of 52 episodes
dj8900 dropped Ribon no Kishi
Asherrit watched Ribon no Kishi at 52 of 52 episodes
animeobssesivetomuch won't watch Ribon no Kishi

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Robin Hood no Daibouken

Robin Hood no Daibouken

Long ago, Robin lived with his family in the Huntington’s castle; that is, until one day the cruel Baron Alwine set fire to it, leaving only Robin and his cousins as the sole survivors. After escaping to Sherwood Forest, the group were taken under the wing of the hermit Friar Tuck and taught to survive in the harshest of conditions; but they are not alone in the forest! Little John and his gang of bandits are afoot, and they’ve kidnapped the beautiful Maid Marian! After discovering that they all share the same enemy -- Baron Alwine -- the entire gang (Marian included) decide to combine their forces for the greater good. Now, against tyranny and to protect the weak, Robin and friends will raise their swords and bows for justice!

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Even tho I haven't seen every episodes of both I still see some different similarities, I can't explain it, but For-instance: Choppy from Princess Knight and Robin from well Robin Hood no Daibouken, Even tho Choppy is a young angel-in-training and Robin is a young hero, I can't explain why, but see it maybe you'll see what I mean.