Revolutionary Girl Utena: The Adolescence of Utena

Alt title: Shoujo Kakumei Utena: Adolescence Mokushiroku

Movie (1 ep x 90 min)
3.43 of 5 from 2,311 votes
Rank #2,481

Utena Tenjou has just arrived at the prestigious Ohtori Academy, and not long after her arrival, she receives "the mark of the rose" and becomes a duelist. She is then thrust into a series of battles with other duelists to win her friend Anthy, who is known the Rose Bride. The winning duelist will not only receive Anthy, but also the revolutionary power that she holds! Utena must now do everything she can to protect Anthy while trying to figure out the secrets behind Ohtori Academy and the Rose Bride before it’s too late.

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mariprosa Apr 4, 2008
Score 7.5/10

The Adolescence of Utena is a very difficult movie to understand on first watch. Some people may be quite thrown by it; one image that comes to mind immediately is when Utena actually transforms her body into a car. If that first statement's a bit awkward to swallow, then you may have to read further to see whether or not this movie's for you. Then again, I've... read more

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PenquinQueen96 Mar 17, 2015
Score 7.5/10

Adolescence of Utena has an interesting history behind it. Based on the 1997 classic anime series Revolutionary Girl Utena, Adolescence of Utena was an attempt by series director Kunihiko Ikuhara to re-vise the original series with less of the narrative restraints that were placed on him during production of the original series, this time condensing the story into a one and a half hour long movie as opposed to... read more

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