Requiem from the Darkness

Alt titles: Kousetsu Hyaku Monogatari, Hundred Stories

TV (13 eps)
3.324 of 5 from 2,090 votes
Rank #2,529

Momosuke is a young man with a dream: to travel Japan and collect one hundred stories. He journeys from place to place, searching for tales of the paranormal and bizarre, hoping to collect tales to publish in his book. However, the calm of Momosuke's life soon is shattered by a chance meeting with three sinister beings: Mataichi the priest, Nagamimi the bird-caller, and the beautiful Ogin. Soon, Momosuke learns that there might be more to his newfound comrades than first meets the eye...

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  • Azuki Bean Washer image

    Episode 1

    Azuki Bean Washer

  • Willow Woman image

    Episode 2

    Willow Woman

  • Enchanted White Fox image

    Episode 3

    Enchanted White Fox

  • Dancing Head image

    Episode 4

    Dancing Head

  • Salty Choji image

    Episode 5

    Salty Choji

  • Shibaemon the Raccoon Dog image

    Episode 6

    Shibaemon the Raccoon Dog

  • Katabira Crossroads image

    Episode 7

    Katabira Crossroads

  • Field Gun image

    Episode 8

    Field Gun

  • Kowai the Unkillable image

    Episode 9

    Kowai the Unkillable

  • Hi No Enma Flames of Desire image

    Episode 10

    Hi No Enma Flames of Desire

  • Marine Spirits image

    Episode 11

    Marine Spirits

  • The Death Spirits of Seven Man Point, Part 1 image

    Episode 12

    The Death Spirits of Seven Man Point, Part 1

  • The Death Spirits of Seven Man Point, Part 2 image

    Episode 13

    The Death Spirits of Seven Man Point, Part 2

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angelsreviews's avatar by angelsreviews on Aug 6, 2013
Score 8/10

I loved the stories, each show being almost stand alone as a storyline, very rarely going over 2 or more episodes and yet as you keep watching, it does lead up to something bigger. They take a lot of Japanese folklore and old stories and depict them in a rather interesting way. It does get a little hard to understand in the surreal look. You never know what is real and what is spiritual because of how some of... read more

Marceus's avatar by Marceus on Feb 7, 2012
Score 7.5/10

My first review of the year, and it's gonna be a positive one. And what better series to review than something dark, twisted and gorey like Requiem From The Darkness? It's fun for the whole family. Story: The plot involves an auther named Momosuke who wishes to write a book on 100 ghost stories. He encounters the spirit... demon... detectives (or whatever the Hell they are) called the Ongyou. They... read more



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