Reign: The Conqueror

Alt title: Alexander Senki

TV (13 eps)
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It was prophesied that Alexander the Great would first rule the world and then destroy it. Born the prince of Macedonia, his father was determined to have him remain an obedient military pawn whilst his mother wished for him to be a destroyer of worlds. Now, as Alexander moves across Babylonia towards the "Hindu" lands, enemies from both outside and within his camp struggle to stop him before he can conquer the world and bring about the prophecy of its destruction. Can the world be saved, or is fate truly the deciding factor of life and death?

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Thrawn Oct 19, 2013
Score 2.5/10

Story: I'm no Alexandrian Historian and what I know about Alexander the Ass Kicker is limited to Deadliest Warrior and Fate/Zero so I can hardly comment on the changes they made to make it space age ancient history. What I can comment on is the sheer amount of crack LSD that was used because the part with the dog wasn't made after eating rotisserie chicken. Shit gets fucking trippy when Alexander goes on a... read more

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roriconfan Jan 21, 2012
Score 7/10


As a Greek I was curious to see how a steampunk version of the life of Alexander the Great would be like. Being animated by studio Madhouse, just added fuel to the hype. Turns out the aesthetics were the only thing I liked, and even those are not for everyone. The artstyle is very distinctive; once glance, and you know it’s from the guy who did Aeon Flux and... read more

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