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2.639 out of 5 from 602 votes
Rank #3,465

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Username Status Eps Rating
AbsoluteMSTR Stalled 2   not rated
akunokenshi Stalled 4   not rated
alek31 Stalled 1   not rated
aloucard Stalled 1   not rated
Alveus Stalled     0.5 star rating
amphrite Stalled 4   not rated
animefreakc Stalled     not rated
animeparty Stalled     not rated
arahij Stalled 2   not rated
archeotech Stalled 7   not rated
argetfaol Stalled     not rated
aschwinn Stalled     not rated
Asmodiar Stalled 3   not rated
blackpheonix Stalled 14   2 star rating
BlackSage Stalled 17   not rated
bladesworn Stalled 2   4.5 star rating
Canal Stalled 5   not rated
cardeci Stalled 11   not rated
Carreau Stalled 12   3.5 star rating
Cauni Stalled 10   3.5 star rating
centrix Stalled     3.5 star rating
chabang Stalled 13   not rated
chibara Stalled 13   4 star rating
CiDA Stalled 18   4.5 star rating
cidel Stalled     not rated
Citan Stalled 15   2.5 star rating
cnsjunkie Stalled 2   not rated
Conn Stalled 24   4 star rating
cos13 Stalled 6   not rated
cybe13 Stalled 3   not rated
daakku Stalled 5   3 star rating
Daemon Stalled 16   not rated
dani89 Stalled 3   not rated
death24 Stalled     not rated
Destiny143 Stalled 5   not rated
doomed Stalled 4   not rated
drmz Stalled 4   2.5 star rating
Drusila Stalled     not rated
eliona999 Stalled     not rated
Epicmetal Stalled     not rated
eviltwin Stalled 6   4.5 star rating
fierkraag Stalled 8   not rated
Frozen Stalled 14   2 star rating
goddessofwings Stalled     not rated
greyknight79 Stalled 6   not rated
Gritz Stalled     not rated
Hao Stalled     not rated
HellPuppy Stalled 2   3 star rating
hellsfire Stalled 1   3.5 star rating
Hezekyel Stalled 12   not rated