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Red Photon Zillion

Alt titles: Zillion

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2.696 out of 5 from 80 votes
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In AD 2387, mankind has colonized the galaxy, including Planet Maris - "Second Earth.". Unfortunately for humanity, the Noza space invaders have plans of their own and launch an attack. However, a shred of hope remains: from the corners of the galaxy, three guns known as Zillion were acquired; with them, mankind just might have a chance against the Noza. Against all odds, Champ, Apple and J.J. - members of an elite task force - must wield the Zillion and put a stop to the invaders!


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Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Zillion: Burning Night OVA 1988 TBD
Name Role
Takayuki GOTO Character Design
Akira WATANABE Director
Jun IRIE Music

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Title Author Score Date
Red Photon Zillion roriconfan 2.5/10 Mar 24, 2012
Zillion roriconfan 2.5/10 Mar 24, 2012
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License / Re-release Wishlist Niko 12 Jul 9, 2009
jessicapucci35 stalled Red Photon Zillion at 18 of 31 episodes
Winnie watched Red Photon Zillion at 31 of 31 episodes
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jessicapucci35 is watching Red Photon Zillion anime at 18 of 31 episodes
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Both are 80's series based on video games, that are somewhat entertaining and have a lot of explosions.