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Red Garden

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3.146 out of 5 from 1,508 votes
Rank #2,434

User Stats - Watching

Username Status Eps Rating
5aintdolphin Watching     not rated
abyss Watching 2   1.5 star rating
Aimeri Watching 6   not rated
airasongirl Watching 1   not rated
Aisha450 Watching 2   not rated
Aisutejina Watching     not rated
Akrahun Watching     not rated
amaya0013 Watching 1   4 star rating
amps2050 Watching     not rated
Anatake Watching 1   4 star rating
AnEvilHamster Watching     5 star rating
angenoir Watching 9   3.5 star rating
Anguisette Watching 4   4.5 star rating
animediva84 Watching 1   3.5 star rating
AnimeKingdom Watching 16   not rated
AnimeKitty888 Watching 2   0.5 star rating
animerae13 Watching 13   not rated
annaiscool Watching 19   not rated
Aquarius16 Watching     not rated
ara2450 Watching 4   not rated
Arbalest07 Watching 8   3 star rating
Archangel666 Watching 4   3.5 star rating
Archemetes Watching     not rated
Aretelk Watching 1   not rated
AriannaLockheart Watching 10   3.5 star rating
Aschen Watching 4   3.5 star rating
ashy85 Watching     not rated
AyumiElric Watching 14   3.5 star rating
azura68 Watching 18   5 star rating
BadCookie Watching 2   not rated
Balmoth Watching     not rated
betz Watching 2   not rated
bigun58 Watching     not rated
Blackdragonss Watching     4 star rating
BobTheGreat Watching 5   not rated
Briinastarr Watching     not rated
bringiton265 Watching     not rated
BrokenLolita Watching 8   4 star rating
cedced1515 Watching 13   not rated
Chi Watching 2   not rated
chickamatsu Watching     not rated
Chihaya Watching 3   3 star rating
ChiiMisumaru Watching 3   not rated
Chiiru Watching 15   not rated
Christy Watching 1   not rated
chuckseven1 Watching     not rated
Cobyy Watching     3 star rating
cokesmoke Watching     not rated
cokoladka Watching 2   not rated
commieneko Watching 2   4 star rating