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Red Garden

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3.133 out of 5 from 1,504 votes
Rank #2,438

User Stats - Dropped

Username Status Eps Rating
ace52387 Dropped 1   not rated
aDefecatingDog Dropped 3   0.5 star rating
AdventSky Dropped 13   not rated
Aichman Dropped 16   not rated
aidsymcaids Dropped 4   2.5 star rating
Aikanaro Dropped 12   not rated
AimyRobens Dropped     not rated
aishagurl Dropped 2   0.5 star rating
Aislim Dropped 1   not rated
akeleven Dropped 4   not rated
Akiza Dropped 9   3 star rating
Akronies Dropped 2   not rated
akunokenshi Dropped 4   not rated
alex14san Dropped 2   4 star rating
alexander Dropped 1   2 star rating
alexz003 Dropped 1   not rated
Alster Dropped 1   not rated
alv2011 Dropped 1   not rated
andysislands Dropped 4   not rated
Angelkiss Dropped 5   not rated
Angelokin Dropped     not rated
angelreborn999 Dropped     not rated
AngeredSpoon Dropped 6   not rated
AniJesi Dropped     not rated
AnimalSoldier Dropped     not rated
Animekid211 Dropped 2   not rated
Animeloverftw Dropped 1   not rated
animeplanet0 Dropped 3   not rated
Aoikokoro Dropped 11   3 star rating
aquana Dropped 5   3 star rating
arachise Dropped 1   not rated
arahij Dropped     2 star rating
AsaraymA Dropped 5   2 star rating
ashitsuki Dropped 5   not rated
aspasia Dropped 2   not rated
assfish Dropped     not rated
Astrin Dropped 3   not rated
Aurura Dropped 15   2.5 star rating
avedenik1 Dropped 2   not rated
Avenged7X Dropped 4   not rated
Axen Dropped     not rated
ayato4me Dropped 2   3 star rating
AzureRoxas Dropped 9   not rated
Babbo Dropped 5   not rated
Baby696A Dropped 8   2 star rating
baku91 Dropped     2.5 star rating
Balych Dropped     not rated
Battousai214 Dropped 1   not rated
BDogg Dropped 4   not rated
bigskilet Dropped     not rated