Recorder to Randoseru Re♪

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Atsushi and Atsumi are back for more misunderstandings and eventful school days! Atsushi can’t help but continue to get arrested for hanging out with young Hina, Sayo finally learns the truth about Atsumi’s brother’s age and struggles with her feelings for him, the siblings and their parents visit a hot springs resort, and everybody has a good time at a family relay race. Even with their differing sizes, the two always manage to have fun from day to day.

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  • The New Students and the Misunderstanding image

    Episode 1

    The New Students and the Misunderstanding

  • Atsushi and the Bike image

    Episode 2

    Atsushi and the Bike

  • Atsushi and his Dream image

    Episode 3

    Atsushi and his Dream

  • Pastries and Cheering  image

    Episode 4

    Pastries and Cheering

  • Family and Hot Springs  image

    Episode 5

    Family and Hot Springs

  • Atsushi and Sports Day - Part 1 image

    Episode 6

    Atsushi and Sports Day - Part 1

  • Atsushi and Sports Day - Part 2 image

    Episode 7

    Atsushi and Sports Day - Part 2

  • Misunderstandings and Truth image

    Episode 8

    Misunderstandings and Truth

  • Atsushi and Hand-Me-Downs image

    Episode 9

    Atsushi and Hand-Me-Downs

  • Atsushi and Culture Fairs image

    Episode 10

    Atsushi and Culture Fairs

  • Big Sister and Little Sister image

    Episode 11

    Big Sister and Little Sister

  • Atsushi and Chases image

    Episode 12

    Atsushi and Chases

  • Atsushi and Bye-Byes image

    Episode 13

    Atsushi and Bye-Byes

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joudherb's avatar by joudherb on May 15, 2016
Score 7/10

Finally the parents have been introduced! It still annoys me how largely absent they are in the lives of Atsushi & Atsumi but this is a problem in most Anime I have come across. It makes no sense to me how the parents did not bother clearing up things with the police and the localites so that Atsushi would not have to be harrassed so much. Nevertheless, its still a fun anime to watch that you can finish in... read more

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