Recorder to Randoseru

TV (13 eps x 3 min)
2.885 of 5 from 2,557 votes
Rank #3,946

As siblings go, Atsumi and Atsushi are anything but typical. High schooler Atsumi is exceptionally small for her age, and elementary schooler Atsushi is abnormally tall with a deep voice, leading to misunderstandings on both sides! Whether Moriyama-sensei gets embarassed by Atsushi's every move, or Atsumi is offered candy meant for children, or poor Atsushi is arrested for being a perv that’s trying to snatch kids on their way to class, this brother and sister duo is bound to have an eventful day-to-day life!

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cassiesheepgirl Apr 24, 2012
Score 5/10

I confess that I have a bit of a thing for short anime series. Whenever I spot any new offerings that have episodes of five minutes or less I tend to jump on them, since they’re just enough to satisfy that anime craving and handy for slotting in when I only have a few moments to spare. So, having been out of the loop for a few months, I decided to ease myself back in with the latest bitesize... read more

ahoymickey's avatar
ahoymickey Jan 10, 2017
Score 7/10

Recorder and Ransell, as you probably know by the synopsis, is a show about a guy that looks way older than he is and a girl that looks way younger than she is. Let me start off by saying that this show is adorable (not to mention a lot of fun). Lots of situational comedy and trips to the police station. If you like the first season and are tempted to watch the other seasons there are some things you'll need to... read more

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