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Probably one of the more mature romances out there, Rec largely seems to have been swept under the rug.  I stumbled upon it entirely by accident while looking for something else, and the only reason I decided to give it a whirl was its span of nine thirteen minute episodes (there is a tenth, but it's a "bonus" episode...I never watched it.)  To my pleasant surprise, I fell in love with the series within minutes, and couldn't help but smile all the way through.

Rec, in compacted terms, is a romance between two recent college graduates who are just beginning their lives in the corporate world.  There is a very natural and realistic feel to the series, as it opens up with Matsumaru getting stood up on a date -- who can't relate to that?  He ends up meeting Aka, an aspiring voice actress, and he ends up seeing a movie with her instead.  Later that night, Aka's house burns to the ground, and Matsumaru finds her alone and distraught in a park nearby her house.  He offers her a place to stay, and it kicks off from there.

The story, most certainly, isn't of love at first sight.  Matsumaru has lived alone as a bachelor for quite some time in a one room (not bedroom, but room), one bathroom apartment, and he soon realizes that the addition of a roommate isn't the easiest thing to deal with.  What really hooked me about Rec is that it really reflects on the mistakes all of us make in our relationships.  Saying things that you don't actually mean, for instance, when you know it's hurting the other person, and for reasons you can't really explain.  Unlike Vegas, stress acquired at work doesn't stay at work, and the characters in Rec are definitely influenced by this; when you're not in a rational state of mind, you can do things that you'll later regret.

I found myself really disappointed when it came to a close.  It has such a beautiful, elegant, and realistic quality to it that I simply didn't want it to end.  Rec has earned a special place in my collection, as its one of the few romance anime that I've come to really enjoy to its fullest.


One of the reasons Rec probably lacks in popularity is poor advertising.  From the animation, you can tell that the series had a pretty low budget.  For a fairly recent production, character designs are surprisingly simplistic and the background detail could use some work.  Still, in spite of this, I really can't find a reason to complain.  Aka is cute, and her character design fits her personality rather well (especially the hair) even if not a visual masterpiece.  The males tend to have a little less enthusiasm put into their designs, but I still find them to be passable.  For what's there, I think the animators did a good job with the tools available to them.


As with the animation, the sound budget probably wasn't too hot either.  Again, though, low budget does not denote low quality, as the majority of the musical score is decent.  Perhaps the most notable aspect of the sound is the opening theme, which I began to like after the third episode for some reason.  It's sung by the seiyuu who voices Aka, and it has some strange appeal, as ordinarily hyper opening themes don't catch my interest.  Other than that, not much to talk about; you won't be hunting down the OST, but you won't be turning your speakers down either.


Above anything else, Rec really shines due to its characters.  Aka stood out as a surprisingly solid female lead, and I could definitely empathize with her on many occasions.  She's one of those characters you just want to reach out hug, as she doesn't seem to deserve any of the pitfalls that come her way.  Her optimism and cheeriness in the face of all her problems is contagious, and serves to brighten your mood as you watch.  Unlike many anime which try to make their romances convincing simply because the girl is physically attractive, Aka has a beautiful personality to compliment her features, and that really makes the romance come alive.

Matsumaru shows a substantive amount of growth as the series progresses too.  Initially he's just out for sex, but as he spends time with Aka he begins to develop feelings for her.  Being that I tend to loathe such one-dimensional members of my gender, I was quite enthusiastic that he was given a complex character.  By the end he realizes that Aka isn't just another girl -- she's someone quite dear to him.


If you're a fan of the romance genre, Rec is not a series to be missed.  It doesn't aim to blow your mind away with stunning graphics, rapture your ears with beautiful music, or engulf you in an epic storyline -- its sole focus is merely to tell the heartwarming tale of a budding romance between two people.  This form of simplicity does the series great justice, as it builds a framework of actual love and not just some high school crush.  My suggestion would be to save Rec for a day when you're feeling down; at such a short length, it's easily watched in a couple hours.  By the end I couldn't help but smile, and I'm sure it will do the same to you.

7/10 story
6/10 animation
6/10 sound
9.5/10 characters
8/10 overall
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What Rec is is 7 little episodes that are half as long as a standard televisoin episode.  I saw this and decided that I wouldn't expect to much from this series in terms of things like plot and character development.  But boy was I wrong.  Not only did this series have as much development as standard series that runs anywhere between 11-26 episodes at 24 minutes apiece.  Seriously if nothing else I found this series to be a lot better than your standard romance drama series inpart because it was so short.  It had all the ups and downs that you would expect from a regular romance drama, but without all the unnecessary things that usually causes those series to drag on and on.  Really there weren't that many problems that I had with the series.  I mean it wasn't a masterpiece by any means, but still I did its job amazingly.  Probably the only real problem I had with the series was that it was over far to quickly though that's also one of the reasons I liked it.  If you're looking for a short and sweet romance drama then I would definitely recommend watching this.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
8/10 overall
RabidMonk's avatar By RabidMonk on Oct 7, 2009

So Rec was an intersting find.  For those unfamiliar with it you'll find that the episodes are only about 10 minutes long and there are only 10 of them so you basically get what amounts to an average length movie.

Positives: Now Rec was interesting and I really liked the premise.  There must be something deep down inside me that would have loved to have ended up in a situation like this that made it appeal, but the end result is a short, and just slightly unique love story with some good comedic bits.

Rec doesn't last long enough to ever get boring and though you miss a lot of the in-between days of the story and therefore you have to imagine what might have been going on between the episodes for me it worked really well.

There's a message in there which also works well and a few truths about relations that stand out if you're listening.  All in all I was pleasantly surprised though I think the show probably deserved at least a 13 episodes season.

Negatives: Not really much here to complain about other than the fact that there could have been more.  My wife commented that she was surprised at how fast their relation developed but to me it seemed that there was simply chunks of time missing between each of the episodes so things came together fine.

Seriously though, no complaints.  I've seen a great host of movies I enjoyed a whole lot less than that which I got from Rec.  I don't imagine you'll see this one on too many #1 lists, but if you're looking for something quick and fun it's a good time.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
7/10 overall
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Rec (レック) serie de animación japonesa basada en la adaptación del manga de Hanamizawa Q-Tarou. La historia narra las peripecias de un aspirante a seiyū (dobladora) admiradora de Audrey Hepburn y un oficinista del departamento de marketing de una pequeña empresa de publicidad, ambos coincidirán en curiosas circunstancias, a partir de ese momento se desarrollarán sus aventuras. La mini-serie, por su inusual formato, se desarrolla a lo largo de 9 capítulos (12 minutos por capítulo), se completa con un OVA especial de 12 minutos, éste se sitúa como capítulo 7.5 u 8.


Todo comienza a la entrada a un cine, donde a Matsumaru le acaban de dejar plantado la chica con la que tenía una cita, Tanaka, pero a la hora de irse cabreado aparece Aka, una chica muy pero que muy rara, amante de las películas de Audrey Hepburn y aprendiz de seiyū (dobladora de animes, películas de habla no japonesa, anuncios de TV, etc). Tras salir del cine ven a Tanaka con el que es su novio y Aka convence a Matsumaru para ir a tomar algo y así levantarle el ánimo, pero lo que no sabe es que resultan vivir cerca el uno del otro y en esa misma noche se produce un fuego en casa de esta. Quedando todo arrasado por las llamas, Matsumaru sale a su encuentro pues estaba preocupado por la joven seiyū y decide que se quede en su pequeña casa ya que lo ha perdido todo.

A partir de aquí sus vidas dan un cambio total ya que ninguno de los dos antes había tenido algo de éxito en su vida profesional y es a partir de aquí que empiezan a ver la vida de otro modo, pero eso si, nadie puede descubrir que ambos viven juntos bajo el mismo techo, ya que a Matsumaru le han aprobado un proyecto en su empresa de aperitivos Inoue y dicho anuncio del producto estará a manos de la voz de la seiyū Onda Aka.

Vivirán juntos pero no podrán decírselo a nadie, pese a tener una primera noche calenturienta no son novios oficiales pero eso si, ambos sienten algo profundo por su prójimo, algo que pese a no poder demostrarlo abiertamente saben que está ahí. Trabajarán codo con codo, pero más tarde, Aka seguirá evolucionando en su trabajo, lo que provocará una distancia entre ambas personas.


  • Onda Aka (20 años): Aprendiz de actriz de doblaje.
  • Matsumaru Fumihiko (26 años): Trabaja Como publicista en una empresa de comida.
  • Yoshioka: Manager de Onda Aka.
  • Tanaka: trabaja en la contabilidad de la compañía de alimentos de Matsumaru. Fue la que lo dejó plantado.
  • Yoshio Hatakeda: compañero de trabajo de Matsumaru, fan de Aka.



Info de Wikipedia!  Realmente buena serie!!!

9/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
8/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
Eboniamber's avatar By Eboniamber on Jun 1, 2011

REC is a very short series. 12 eps only lasting 12 min.



REC is about 2 college graduates starting in their careers. Aka and Matsumaru met because Matsumaru was stood up on a date. Aka and Matsumaru live together for a while without the relationship status of boyfriend and girlfriend, and only as few people know that they know each other. Their totally different careers causes problems along the way, but in the end, they always make up. :)


the animation was not all that great, but then again, what can i expect from a 2006 anime. I'm more a fan of the 2010 2011 anime animation.



7/10 story
6/10 animation
?/10 sound
8/10 characters
7.5/10 overall