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Seriously what the fuck is your deal studio NAZ? You create a great first season and then you start releasing episodic bullshit like this? What's this Shakugan no Shana??? How is this shit even rated higher than the first season? It's not going anywhere at all!

This show had such great potential but they started fucking up since the beginning of season 2 already. This is absolutely nothing like the first season.

3/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
4/10 characters
4/10 overall
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Gosh, I am not sure when it went all wrong. Ok, I might yet be able to pinpoint when it went all wrong. Still for what its worth Re: Hamatora was always under the comedy anime genre , so in retrospect what was I thinking? That it would come out with a dark story and direction for its characters? I guess that is not what came to happen in Re: Hamatora. Still for the moments it had particularly for the first half of the second season of Hamatora. It was pretty amazing! It started to fall apart close to the end or the second half of Re: Hamatora. But hey, at least, it wasn't a total shipwreck like Brynhildr in the Darkness or crazy confusing like Mekakucity Actors.

As we all know at least for those who watched Season 1 of Hamatora. Art turned on poor Nice out of nowhere. I always thought of Art as a pretty cool character up there with Lelouch Lamperouge and Shogo Makishima. Until this just happens. Backstabbing just does not fit Art and it sure did not in Re: Hamatora. Half of those watching Re: Hamatora either hated or still loved Art. Just check Crunchyroll's comment sections of the Re: Hamatora streaming episodes. It all came down to if you loved Art's sweet, kind personality from Season 1 of Hamatora then you were going to still be in love with him for Re: Hamatora albeit also being conflicted over his change. At least everyone who wanted to see more to Hajime and Koneko's backstory saw some of that with Re: Hamatora. Finally of huge importance the revelations of why minimums exist and what they truly are.

One thing that Re: Hamatora has going for it probably is the strong characters in the series. The well-built characterization. So due to that, even when the series moved through rollercoasters in its narrative you could still enjoy the characters quirks from Murasaki being a housewife type of guy. Nice's impeccable callous lazy bum attitude when it comes to keeping the house clean. Art's penchant for looking back on fond memories of Nice and him as kids. All the characters pretty much. So even when the characters were up to pretty non-nonsensical shenanigans it would still come out being a series where every episode was worth your time. I mean the scale of the characters personalities are so well developed. Just really! What attention to detail. It works so well especially with the over-the-top humor.

The voice acting for the series was also one that carried quite the recognizable names. Ryota Osaka voicing Nice (Haruto Tokishima in Valvrave the Liberator, Sugane in Gatchaman Crowds, Staz in Blood Lad). Art voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya (Captain Levi in Attack on Titan, Gareki in Karneval). Ratio being voiced by Yuichi Nakamura (Tatusya, The Irregular at Magic High School). Birthday voiced by Jun Fukuyama (Lelouch in Code Geass, Hero in Maoyu). Mao voiced by Takuya Eguchi (Hikigaya Hachiman in My Romantic Teen Comedy is Wrong As I Expected.,  Ryouma in Love Stage!!). This made getting into the series that much more appealing.

The problem. I have never when it comes to anime been particularly into appreciating a series for its terrific character studies. Well, not so much. I mean a good character study is essential to an anime series but when it takes over like it does in Re: Hamatora that can have adverse effects. Your basically sacrificing the story and the neat resolutions. Story vs. character study. Which is better? Story.

I mean this is the very drawback of the series. I am sure many of us were thinking it was the sequel we all needed to close Hamatora but Re: Hamatora basically left everything very fuzzily concluded. Another thing is the conclusion was also pretty confusing which is another aspect dislike about anime. Now it just reminds me of the ending of Darker Than Black: Ryusei No Gemini (The Twins of the Meteor). One memory not very fond of.

Personally the way it was closed is its only real fault but at least things did not end on a depressing note as expected but feel there was something missing. This is by far, not a deal breaker for an anime series since when you love the world-building and characters sometimes that is enough. I mean the ending of Darker Than Black: Ryusei No Gemini was up there with Re: Hamatora but certainly still hold to a high regard. Also who can forget Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2's ending as well.

It had its faults. Sure did but if you could learn to appreciate it despite them then this Summer 2014 Anime Season offering was certainly a good time investment. Still Season 1 might have been the strongest despite the quality of the animation here and there. Completely though Hamatora misses the chance of truly excelling but it does not stop it from being a charming anime series.

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8/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
8/10 overall
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Haiiii~ (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ ♥

This review is a continuation of my Hamatora review, this anime is a sequel to that show, so before checking out Re: Hamatora, make sure to watch Hamatora.

Also, this review might contain some minor spoilers for season 1, so if you haven't seen season 1, yet plan to watch it, I wouldn't suggest reading this review.

Sooo here we are again, since I said I'll watch season 2, I guess I should write a review as well.

Just to start off, I'm very surprised by Re: Hamatora. There are some things I was expecting and some things I didn't expect. Let's start off with the~


So the story is same old. Group of people working as a secret organization. And season 1 ended with a cliffhanger which gets sorted out on ep1-ep2 so don't worry about that. 

The story in season 2 is much better than season 1. It has it's depth. It's unusually well developed and explained, which kinda surprised me since Hamatora has been 90% of WHET and 10% of okay I get this.

In conclusion. The story is well done and developed, all of the unanswered questions from S1 were answered, however the show ends with new mysteries. So the last 2-3 episodes were a rollercoaster. You might want to pay attention if you want to understand it all. Lots of things happening quickly (doesn't feel rushed though). Even though the ending is pretty much an apsolute end, I still feel like the whole story is unfinished. So basically they could start ab ovo.

To end the story section, the last minute of episode 12 should not exist. I deny it's existance. It's stupid. People die when they're killed.

Therefore 7/10


Hmm. So what I have to say about animation. Honestly, it's better than in season 1 (different studio). The animation is good, BUT it's missing some of the aspects that original Hamatora had. Such as the animation style when they activate their powers (I noted this on my first review). They completely changed it, and I liked the old trippy minimum animation better.

However people are drawn better, environment is better, motion was better in season 1 though. For some reason the animation is better in last 6 episode than in first 6. Don't know if it's just me, but last episodes seem much more well done.

So yeah I'm gonna give it an 8/10. Some things are better, some things are worse.



I have nothing against the sound. Music is... there. Voice acting is alright. Sound effects are good.  I have nothing against it, yet it's nothing special. 8/10



Here we go.

So to be completely honest, if there wasn't a season 2, most of the characters would be pointless. There are plenty of backstories and secondary characters are involved more. Which is good.

I love Hajime, she's my favorite. Murasaki still annoys me (I still like his character design though). Art suddenly became a weirdo, it all makes sense but I still hate him and his actions. Honey and Three are even more likeable now. That cafe owner doesn't blend coffee for 12 episodes, which is a progress. There's many backstories, and THAT was necessary.

There are many new characters I like. Ishigami is my favorite out of new ones. He reminds me of a friend of mine. He's kind of a Hitler 2.0 but yeah. Then there's that guy who looks like an accident and twitches through the whole show. Bit weird. But yeah....

There's something that's missing. It would be perfect if a new member joined their organization. On ep1 there was this guy who could manipulate light, and I was SURE he's a new member but in the end he's just a side character. So yeah, bit disappointed.

There's improvement and I like that. 6/10



If you take these 24 episodes in total, Hamatora + Re: Hamatora aren't bad. It has a moderate/semi-interesting story, lots of twists and rollercoasting in season 2. A well done animation + sound. And likeable characters that unfortunately lack depth (some, f.e. wtf is Koneko...)

In conclusion, I don't regret watching this show (both season 1 & 2). It's entertaining and a decent time killer. It's one of those shows that don't really stand out, but are pretty fun to watch. I liked Re: Hamatora more than Hamatora.


Phew. And that's it! This time I tried to be more focused and less -takatakaimwritingareviewherpderp- kind of... you know. People who read more than 2 of my reviews probably know haha.

Anyways, thanks for reading my review. I had fun watching this show in kind of a short time (I usually take my time)

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Thanks and have a nice day ^^

7/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
6/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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what happens when your pit happy go lucky "all ages"(one-piece-esque become friends after a fistfight) against dark 18+ villains... the heroes get trashed furiously, which is frustrating and boring to watch.

the three things more frustrating than these are constant "just as planned" scenes,

a random nonsensical "full" comedy episode,

and fixing bad script by adding a foreign nonsense element.   

for instance:  villain uses nuke, hero convient has an anti-nuke (whatever that is)

in the end i still have no clue what they where thinking or looking for when they wrote this story.

1/10 story
7/10 animation
6/10 sound
2/10 characters
3/10 overall