RDG: Red Data Girl

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Izumiko has lived a secluded, sheltered life in a mountain shrine since she was born. Having been raised to become the vessel of the Hime-gami, a mysterious force, the girl’s family has carefully planned and measured all aspects of her life - from the prestigious school she’s meant to attend to even her hair style. So when Izumiko is threatened by strange events, her father forces yet another obligation on her: Miyuki Sagara, a mountain monk descendant who’s fated to be her bodyguard. Unfortunately for the duo, neither is happy about the arrangement, especially Miyuki, who’s being exiled from his home city to guard a girl he considers to be useless. Can the two learn to find common ground in their search to understand the supernatural mysteries unfolding around them?

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snivets's avatar by snivets on Jun 18, 2013
Score: 6/10

RDG: Red Data Girl: the story of a shy girl with a goddess living inside of her. Suzuhara wants nothing more than to be normal, but the goddess' powers keep making that difficult to achieve. And she has a crush on her protector, who only seems to dislike her. Story: As you can see from the above synopsis, the plot isn't terribly interesting. With more interesting characters, there would be plenty of potential... read more

LinkSword's avatar by LinkSword on Jun 8, 2013
Score: 5.5/10

While technically not the worst anime to come out this season by a long shot, it was easily the most boring to watch. It's extremely slow and mellow to a fault. The segments supposed to be touching scenes, decisive alliances or meaningful climaxes feel like any other average, uneventful conversation between characters in a relaxed moment of an anime arc.
Red Data Girl starts off with an interesting... read more

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