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Ranma 1/2

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3.885 out of 5 from 11,476 votes
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Ranma, raised to be a man among men, has a bit of a problem: he is half woman! While training in China he fell into a strange magic spring at Jusenkyo. Now, he is eternally cursed to change into a beautiful woman whenever he is hit by cold water, but that may be the least of his problems; his father has betrothed him to marry! There's never a dull day for Ranma as he attempts to find a cure for his curse, train to become stronger, and grapple with the fact that half of himself may be more feminine than his fiancée!

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Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Ranma 1/2: The Movie - Big Trouble in Nekonron, China Movie 1991 TBD
Ranma 1/2: The Movie 2 - Nihao My Concubine Movie 1992 TBD
Ranma 1/2 OVA OVA 1993 TBD
Ranma 1/2 Special OVA 1994 TBD
Ranma 1/2 OVA: Chou Musabetsu Kessen! Ranma Team VS Densetsu no Houou Movie 1994 TBD
Ranma 1/2 Super OVA 1995 TBD
Ranma 1/2 Akumu! Shunmin Kou OVA 2008 TBD

related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Ranma 1/2 1987 TBD
Name Role
Atsuko NAKAJIMA Character Design
Junji NISHIMURA Director
Koji SAWAI Director
Tomomi MOCHIZUKI Director
Tsutomu SHIBAYAMA Director
Kenji KAWAI Music
Hideharu MORI Music
Rumiko TAKAHASHI Original Manga Creator
Hidenori TAGA Producer

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Title Author Score Date
Ranma 1/2 angelsreviews 6/10 Aug 6, 2013
Ranma 1/2 KinkyRice 8/10 Jan 12, 2013
Ranma 1/2 roriconfan 6.5/10 Aug 20, 2012
List Title Username Entries Date
Favorite Anime List Blackmagebrad 20 Apr 17, 2014
visti Tilius 437 Feb 3, 2014
Best animes hungoverpuppy 80 Jan 24, 2014
Jhiday is watching Ranma 1/2 anime at 9 of 161 episodes
d3v4st4t3 watched Ranma 1/2 at 161 of 161 episodes
MilkyPeaches wants to watch Ranma 1/2
Abahbob wants to watch Ranma 1/2
Plutoniumion stalled Ranma 1/2 anime at 83 of 161 episodes

Recommendations if you like Ranma 1/2

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I My Me! Strawberry Eggs

I My Me! Strawberry Eggs

Hibiki is unemployed, unmotivated, and out of luck. But it seems his luck just might change: a nearby school is looking for qualified instructors, but there's a catch.. females only! With rent looming around the corner and the landlord threatening to cook the dog if you don't pay up, what's a guy to do? Become a woman, of course. Watch Hibiki as he blunders his way through embarassing situations, under the close scrutiny of the headmaster's gaze and his female students' admiration.

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Trying to be a woman isn't easy when you were born a man. Ranma and Hibiki each have to try and conceal their secrets if they wish to overcome their unique set of obstacles. Cute cross-dressing action on both sides, although ranma is prone to actually BECOME a girl. Certainly worth watching for a good laugh.
You should definitely enjoy the gender-bending comedy of this show.
Both tackle gender role issues. Comically, but they do tackle them...

Maison Ikkoku

Maison Ikkoku

Yusaku Godai is a ronin – a person who failed his entrance exams. Though eager for a second chance to succeed, Yusaku’s attempts to study for future exams are constantly thwarted by his fellow residents at Maison Ikkoku, who insist on using his apartment for their debauchery and drinking games. Though tempted to call it quits at the house, things change when Maison Ikkoku’s beautiful new building manager, Kyoko, arrives. With plenty of competition from the sidelines and interference from his drunken and provocative neighbors, Yusaku must now focus his energy on winning the girl of his dreams, Kyoko!

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Maison Ikkoku is from the same author as Ranma, and is also a great 80's series. Also, it is a love story with some interesting humor. If you liked one of these series, check out the other.


Both these are anime are filled with love triangles and have lots of comedy. Misunderstandings are a constant problem, but true love always finds a way!


Seen this as a kid and some years ago the complete series, it realy has the feeling of a Ranma 1/2 like cartoon, all the fun u'll get from 80's anime with a lovestory on the background ... 

Realy recommended if youre an 80's kid :) 

School Rumble

School Rumble

Tenma Tsukamoto is young, bright, and smitten with the school hottie Oji Karasuma. She's desperate for his attention, which is unfortunate considering he barely gives her the time of day! Throw Kenji Harima, the school delinquent with a crush on Tenma into the mix and you've got one twisted love triangle of unrequited proportions! Can love find the trio happiness before their attention-grabbing stunts end up hurting more than their egos?

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not rated
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School Rumble and Ranma 1/2 both have money-back-guarantees to keep you intoxicated with humor and screaming with splits of laughter, even though Ranma 1/2 is more fictional.


If you liked Ranma 1/2 then you'll enjoy this one as well because they both revolve around the silly/light-hearted romance theme and they both make you laugh. Both are romantic comedies and have very endearing characters.


got the same feeling when i started watching School Rumble.. Both animes have hilarious stories and characters... I like School Rumble more but if you like Ranma you should checkout School Rumble. A must watch if you're looking a comedy anime.

watch it online now!

Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki

Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki

Tenchi Masaki lives a quiet life helping his grandfather at the temple. Quiet, that is, until he accidentally unleashes a strange and beautiful space pirate from her 700-year-old prison. Things rapidly get worse for Tenchi when the royal princess Ayeka, cute Sasami, ditzy galaxy police agent Mihoshi and scientifically insane Washu crash land in his back garden to join the mayhem. Will Tenchi be able to shake off the unwanted romantic advances of these women, and what secret does his history hold?

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Ranma 1/2 and The Tenchi series both have the similar comedic premise of a boy with way too many girlfriends.

If you like zany characters, love triangles (and sometimes love hexagons) then this anime is for you!!

Some memorable fight scenes in BOTH anime also...


Both anime centre around a main male character who is put into a lot of delicate situations because of the people around him, weather it be because of being hit on, out of jealousy or just because they don't like him. They have sillimar comedic styles which i found hillarious and they are both extremely entertaining to watch.

watch it online now!

Final Approach

Final Approach
  • TV (13 eps x 12 min)
  • 2004

In present-day Japan, a rising decline in the birth rate has prompted the government to intervene, thus forming the R.T.P. committee whose goal is to promote arranged marriages. Due to the sensitive nature of the issue, however, a test run was deemed mandatory, and young Ryo Mizuhara (chosen by the world's best supercomputer) was selected as the test subject, much to his own dismay. With the megalomaniac Shizuka Masuda appointed as his fiancee and secret agents in his face at every turn, can Ryo manage to save his sanity, let alone his bachelor lifestyle of the past?

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The main characters in Final Approach and Ranma seem to be facing something that they did not want or need: marriage! In Final Approach the government is regulating a policy of arranged marriage to certain partners for productivity's sake. Similarly an arranged marriage gets placed on the shoulders of Ranma who has a secret of his own. Both series are very comical and revolve around the main characters' interactions with one another.


Both are great shows with the two leads being thrust onto one another in a forced marriage. The only difference is that Final Approach has a willing lead, and Ranma 1/2 has them both unwilling. But they have similar comedic elements with not much of a story to follow, which makes for a fun and easy watch.