Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin

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In 1955 era Japan, ten years after World War II caused countless to descend into poverty, six young men are transported to a special disciplinary school where countless horrors await them. Overseen by a sadistic, abusive guard and a perverted doctor who requires invasive "inspections," the school is the new home of these boys who committed petty and oft-necessary crimes. Alongside their cellmate, the wise and hardened Rokurouta, the young men will try their best to survive their incarceration and hold on to the fleeting rainbows in their hearts.

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roriconfan Aug 20, 2012
Score 5.5/10


Rainbow could have been a great social drama if it was serious. It remains somewhat above average for not being about schools, lolis, videogames, ecchi, and superpowers, things that we got sick and tired of seeing. Despite its dark atmosphere, it’s not mature, since it constantly rubs the victim card in your face. I mean, sure, all dramas are meant to make us feel sorry... read more

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Airotia Jan 6, 2012
Score 9.5/10

Story: It starts off with six teenagers being inducted into a boy's juvenile prison around ten years after World War II in Japan. They join a guy who has already been there for two years and share his cell. After some initial hostility, they all become friends and together survive the extreme harshness of the juvenile school. And when I say 'extreme harshness,' I mean crippling beatings, forced starvation... read more

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  • Vol: 22; Ch: 235
  • 2003 - 2010
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