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Roan and Yuufa are two travelers in the world of Ragnarok, a place filled with magic, swordsmanship, quests, and of course, Porings! Armed with plenty of spells and potions, the two set off on a journey to find fame and fortune with newfound friends Maya the item-seller, and Takius, a mage who is determined to find the "truth". But with so many harrowing adventures ahead of them, will there be enough heal spells to go around?!

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  • Why Do You Wield That Sword? image

    Episode 1

    Why Do You Wield That Sword?

  • Be Good to Me, Big Brother image

    Episode 2

    Be Good to Me, Big Brother

  • I Believe image

    Episode 3

    I Believe

  • Is That the Best You Can Do? image

    Episode 4

    Is That the Best You Can Do?

  • What Did You Just Say? image

    Episode 5

    What Did You Just Say?

  • I Won't Let Anyone Get in My Way! image

    Episode 6

    I Won't Let Anyone Get in My Way!

  • Will You Comfort Me?!? image

    Episode 7

    Will You Comfort Me?!?

  • Life Is Precious image

    Episode 8

    Life Is Precious

  • All for the Truth image

    Episode 9

    All for the Truth

  • You're My Brother, Aren't You?!? image

    Episode 10

    You're My Brother, Aren't You?!?

  • All Is Only Despair image

    Episode 11

    All Is Only Despair

  • I Can't Do It image

    Episode 12

    I Can't Do It

  • The Protector image

    Episode 13

    The Protector

  • Why Won't You Answer? image

    Episode 14

    Why Won't You Answer?

  • Don't Worry, I'm Here image

    Episode 15

    Don't Worry, I'm Here

  • I Can't Save Anyone image

    Episode 16

    I Can't Save Anyone

  • You Are Already Tainted image

    Episode 17

    You Are Already Tainted

  • I've Known All Along image

    Episode 18

    I've Known All Along

  • We'll Always Be Together image

    Episode 19

    We'll Always Be Together

  • It's Okay image

    Episode 20

    It's Okay

  • I Need You image

    Episode 21

    I Need You

  • Who's the Lonely One? image

    Episode 22

    Who's the Lonely One?

  • Good Bye image

    Episode 23

    Good Bye

  • Place of Reckoning image

    Episode 24

    Place of Reckoning

  • One Who Realizes His Mistake image

    Episode 25

    One Who Realizes His Mistake

  • For the Sake of Our Future image

    Episode 26

    For the Sake of Our Future

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alphashade's avatar by alphashade on Mar 28, 2015
Score 4/10

As someone who enjoys Ragnarok Online most than any MMORPG, the animation was a disappointment. The characters were stereotypical and the action uninteresting. Nothing of value from the immersive and special atmosphere of the in-universe transpired in the anime. Watch it if you're a fan of the game (just so you can enjoy more your stay in the game), otherwise take it as it is: a bland marketing device of... read more

xmr's avatar by xmr on Sep 8, 2010
Score 10/10

every now and then i decide to watch an anime that looks... silly... or child oriented....the manga is nothing like this.... the manga is really intense...but wait... this story is actually pretty... intensesome of the characters are writen kind of predictably and lame... then theres the cute little merchant Maya... awww, so cute.....BACK STORY...????!!!!! HOLY COW!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!! WHY THIS... read more



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