Ragnarok: The Animation

TV (26 eps)
2.464 out of 5 from 4,279 votes
Rank #4,283

Roan and Yuufa are two travelers in the world of Ragnarok, a place filled with magic, swordsmanship, quests, and of course, Porings! Armed with plenty of spells and potions, the two set off on a journey to find fame and fortune with newfound friends Maya the item-seller, and Takius, a mage who is determined to find the "truth". But with so many harrowing adventures ahead of them, will there be enough heal spells to go around?!

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alphashade's avatar by alphashade on Mar 28, 2015
Score: 4/10

As someone who enjoys Ragnarok Online most than any MMORPG, the animation was a disappointment. The characters were stereotypical and the action uninteresting. Nothing of value from the immersive and special atmosphere of the in-universe transpired in the anime. Watch it if you're a fan of the game (just so you can enjoy more your stay in the game), otherwise take it as it is: a bland marketing device of... read more

Wanginator's avatar by Wanginator on Mar 25, 2010
Score: 3.5/10

Players of Ragnarok Online, you may be able to add 2 or 3 to the rating I have given just because you'll actually have some understanding of what's going on, and you'll find some of the references to the actual game humorous. I myself am a former RO-player, so I actually managed to get some enjoyment out of this series. To the rest of you all who know nothing about the game, I strongly advise you to find... read more



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