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At a school full of geniuses from varying fields of study, Taketo Akutagawa has a special – albeit different – genius as well: writing harem novels. Now amongst the other geniuses, he aims win the interclass competition and be recognized as the world’s greatest harem writer

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Rooh Jun 5, 2012
Score 6.1/10

Story - When I got this anime, it was on bakabt as a freeleach, and I had downloaded it as fluff for my seed/leach ratio. However, I got bored and decided to give it a try. From the description I read of the series, it sounded like the plot was a group of students making a porno. Fortunately (or unfortunately, I'm not really sure anymore), it is not. The story revolves around Taketo Akutagawa, a genius adult... read more

HasegawaTadayoshi's avatar
HasegawaTadayoshi Dec 10, 2016
Score 6/10

Based off memory. Also , spoilers. (Mature language possible) Sigh. Welcome to R-15. Another hare series. Where they got the name for this series I have no fucking clue, but meh, let's get rrrrooooiiiigggghhhhtt into the review. R-15 was different in terms of what was going on. The main character was not a virgin retard- he was just a retard. His special "ability" or the thing he could do... read more

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