Queen's Blade: Gyokuza wo Tsugumono

Alt title: Queen's Blade 2: The Evil Eye

TV (12 eps)
2.667 of 5 from 3,458 votes
Rank #4,110

Tomoe, Risty, Echidna, Iruma, Ymil, Cattleya and the other busty, scantily-clad warriors are back, and ready to compete in the Queen’s Blade tournament; also joining the fray is angel from heaven Nanael. With no knowledge of who they’ll be called to fight and if they’ll live to tell another day, the girls will have to deal with tentacles, acid-spitting mammaries, plentiful groping and endless exposing situations to jiggle their way to the top of the competition!

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sothis's avatar by sothis on Oct 24, 2009
Score 0.5/10

I present to you a series of quotes from the IRC channel while I was watching 1-4 to add this to the database.[sothis] well hey at least the nudity happens 1.5 minutes into the first episode[sothis] WHY DO THE BOOBS ON THE ANGELS POINT UPWARDS.[sothis] boob groping in episode 1 -_- [sothis] with nipple closeup [sothis] HOW HIGH BROW[sothis] oh jesus. [sothis] ok wtf [sothis] whats with the tentacles [sothis]... read more

crazyworld's avatar by crazyworld on Aug 18, 2015
Score 8.6/10

Okay, so this anime really had a so-so first season, but this was overall an improvement. The visuals were beautiful, the story between the fights was magnificent with little to no disappointment at all, some of the characters were really amazing and the interactions between some of those said characters were actually well executed. That being said, it did have it's flaws. First off, the fights were overall... read more

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