Puppet Princess

Alt title: Karakuri no Kimi

OVA (1 ep x 42 min)
3.068 of 5 from 524 votes
Rank #3,444

The hillsides of feudal Japan are no longer safe; men are being brutally murdered by mysterious, grotesque ninjas that don't seem to die, leaving a wake of terror in their path. In the midst of the chaos, a young girl named Rangiku wanders the land with a ninja named Manajiri, searching for the man who murdered her family and stole their most prized possession: a doll that has the ability to move on its own. With gruesome enemies to conquer and revenge at hand, Rangiku must use her skill of controlling her wooden dolls to destroy everything in their path, or die trying!

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sothis Aug 6, 2005
Score 9/10

Puppet Princess easily has one of the most messed up and unique plots I've seen. At first glance, it only seems somewhat unusual... evil sentient puppets, murderous revenge, etc. I won't spoil, but I'll tell you that when the true nature of the puppets is revealed, you will think differently about the morbid level of the plot. ;) For someone like me who loves horror, this was a real treat... not... read more

Omurqi's avatar
Omurqi Nov 16, 2009
Score 7/10

Is gore-comedy a genre? If so, then Puppet Princess deserves to be in it, for this show has a lot of both! The short 40 minute OVA alternates bloody decapitations and eviscerations with ecchi jokes and eyebrows that will make the upper-eye entities from the FLCL cop seem like midgets. The plot has quite a lot of potential. More than anything, Puppet Princess feels like a solid introduction episode... read more

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