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{ strange, bizarre, weird }by besek

anime that's a bit... different.

Comments on every series I've watchedby Starra

One series = one franchise. These are just how I feel about them, nothing to do with how objectively good they are or any of that crap. Actual shows only, no movies/OVA series shorter than 6 episodes. Everything has been entirely watched unless...

Terrible animeby Starra

Don't waste your time (or do, I'm not your boss).

Things I Actually Enjoyedby thenewmaid

These are anime that I personally love but have a huge controversy. A lot of peole either love or hate these anime But I throughly enjoyed them.

Top 5 Blood Filled Animeby animelover22

This list is about anime that are filled with the shedding of blood and some times guts.

magicby AVBUNNY

basically anything with elements of fantasy, whether it be mythical creatures or nonexistent things.