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Fans of the [email protected] franchise won’t want to miss this super cute spinoff! Hyperactive hijinks are sure to follow when the idol girls of 765 Productions discover the mysterious Puchidols - chibis with adorable abilities - have invaded their office!

Source: Funimation

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  • Tiny Puchidols image

    Episode 1

    Tiny Puchidols

  • Sudden Appearance image

    Episode 2

    Sudden Appearance

  • Where'd She Come from image

    Episode 3

    Where'd She Come from

  • Wandering Traveler image

    Episode 4

    Wandering Traveler

  • A Surprising Trait image

    Episode 5

    A Surprising Trait

  • Wonderful New Character image

    Episode 6

    Wonderful New Character

  • Help image

    Episode 7


  • New Employee image

    Episode 8

    New Employee

  • Head Over Tiny Heels image

    Episode 9

    Head Over Tiny Heels

  • Teeny Tiny image

    Episode 10

    Teeny Tiny

  • Overseas Yet Again image

    Episode 11

    Overseas Yet Again

  • Sky-High image

    Episode 12


  • I Really Am a Girl image

    Episode 13

    I Really Am a Girl

  • Hello Tiny Person image

    Episode 14

    Hello Tiny Person

  • For Love image

    Episode 15

    For Love

  • Definitely Can't Win image

    Episode 16

    Definitely Can't Win

  • Swimming Competition image

    Episode 17

    Swimming Competition

  • Help, Hibiki-san image

    Episode 18

    Help, Hibiki-san

  • Speed Across the World image

    Episode 19

    Speed Across the World

  • Small Happiness image

    Episode 20

    Small Happiness

  • Look at Me image

    Episode 21

    Look at Me

  • Sidetracked Along the Way image

    Episode 22

    Sidetracked Along the Way

  • Like Attracts Like image

    Episode 23

    Like Attracts Like

  • (Sub) Tiny Twins image

    Episode 24

    (Sub) Tiny Twins

  • (Sub) Wiggle Waggle image

    Episode 25

    (Sub) Wiggle Waggle

  • (Sub) Same Wavelength image

    Episode 26

    (Sub) Same Wavelength

  • (Sub) Flustered Kotori image

    Episode 27

    (Sub) Flustered Kotori

  • (Sub) A Pairing? image

    Episode 28

    (Sub) A Pairing?

  • (Sub) Way Bushed image

    Episode 29

    (Sub) Way Bushed

  • (Sub) Oh, Suddenly I'm in Egypt image

    Episode 30

    (Sub) Oh, Suddenly I'm in Egypt

  • (Sub) Lurking Inside image

    Episode 31

    (Sub) Lurking Inside

  • (Sub) Safe Return image

    Episode 32

    (Sub) Safe Return

  • (Sub) Absolutely Not? image

    Episode 33

    (Sub) Absolutely Not?

  • (Sub) Gotcha image

    Episode 34

    (Sub) Gotcha

  • (Sub) Shiny Forehead image

    Episode 35

    (Sub) Shiny Forehead

  • (Sub) Pride On the Line image

    Episode 36

    (Sub) Pride On the Line

  • (Sub) Why Only Two Without Three? image

    Episode 37

    (Sub) Why Only Two Without Three?

  • (Sub) Playgirl image

    Episode 38

    (Sub) Playgirl

  • (Sub) Distrust of People image

    Episode 39

    (Sub) Distrust of People

  • (Sub) Finally, Y'know! image

    Episode 40

    (Sub) Finally, Y'know!

  • (Sub) Harmonious image

    Episode 41

    (Sub) Harmonious

  • (Sub) I Love Ramen image

    Episode 42

    (Sub) I Love Ramen

  • (Sub) Don't Let Victory Lower Your Guard image

    Episode 43

    (Sub) Don't Let Victory Lower Your Guard

  • (Sub) Who's Number One? image

    Episode 44

    (Sub) Who's Number One?

  • (Sub) The Showdown Finally Ends! image

    Episode 45

    (Sub) The Showdown Finally Ends!

  • (Sub) Teh-Teh-Teh image

    Episode 46

    (Sub) Teh-Teh-Teh

  • (Sub) It's My Job image

    Episode 47

    (Sub) It's My Job

  • (Sub) Will There Be a Slip? image

    Episode 48

    (Sub) Will There Be a Slip?

  • (Sub) Excitement Carnival image

    Episode 49

    (Sub) Excitement Carnival

  • (Sub) A Battle of Life and Death image

    Episode 50

    (Sub) A Battle of Life and Death

  • (Sub) I'll Stick With You image

    Episode 51

    (Sub) I'll Stick With You

  • (Sub) How'd It Turn Out This Way!? image

    Episode 52

    (Sub) How'd It Turn Out This Way!?

  • (Sub) Travel Companions Make a Journey Great image

    Episode 53

    (Sub) Travel Companions Make a Journey Great

  • (Sub) In Real Trouble Now! image

    Episode 54

    (Sub) In Real Trouble Now!

  • (Sub) Heave-ho! image

    Episode 55

    (Sub) Heave-ho!

  • (Sub) Vacation!? image

    Episode 56

    (Sub) Vacation!?

  • (Sub) A Day of Smiles image

    Episode 57

    (Sub) A Day of Smiles

  • (Sub) It's Showtime! image

    Episode 58

    (Sub) It's Showtime!

  • (Sub) A Painful Blow? image

    Episode 59

    (Sub) A Painful Blow?

  • (Sub) Is This the End!? image

    Episode 60

    (Sub) Is This the End!?

  • (Sub) Tiny Errands image

    Episode 61

    (Sub) Tiny Errands

  • (Sub) Tick-tock Tick-tock image

    Episode 62

    (Sub) Tick-tock Tick-tock

  • (Sub) Just Barely image

    Episode 63

    (Sub) Just Barely

  • (Sub) Like Attracts Like image

    Episode 64

    (Sub) Like Attracts Like

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