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Anime in 4 Words (WIP)by HyakkiHikou

Anime: It's Joke! (and life-changing.)

Anime for good mihira

This is a list of anime, that are overlooked by so many because of their less harem, cute nature and more of a serious tone and food for thought. These are in no particular order, just picks that I think should at least be checked out. This is still...

Educated top anime listby pokelvis

This is an orderd list of what are (in my humble opinion) the best anime of all time (that i have seen). I will put only one anime per franchise but the entire franchise should be watched. The entry included will be the one that allows an easier...

My Favorite 10 OPs From Anime I've Watchedby Firestorm258

These are, in my opinion, the best openings from anime I have watched. In No Particular Order.

Anime with mostly adult main charactersby Coliha

Anime that are not about the "high school experience" or anything like. None of that "Imma high schooler but I am waaaaayyyy cooler than every one else or more powerful than every one else." This list excludes immortality as a qualifier for being...


read title and no caps lock wasn't on. Animes to BEGIN with(except the ones that has multiple seasons;start from season 1). Able to watch these without the awkwardness of a parent walking in.