Psycho-Pass 2

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Having learned the true nature of the Sibyl System, Akane Tsunemori chose to obey the system, believing in both humanity and the legal order. She's part of a new police section and spends her everyday life facing down criminals. Unbeknownst to Akane, however, a monster who will shake the system to its core is about to appear before her.

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davidbastias's avatar by davidbastias on Dec 18, 2014
Score: 8/10

I loved the first season of Psycho-Pass, in fact it is even my favorite anime of all time. I have rewatched it countless times and believe it is a show that transcends anime. You can imagine my excitement when they announced that a second season was coming. Unfortunetly, my anticipation became to drop as I learned that Production IG would not be working on this season and was being replaced by Tatsunoko... read more

CaptainSlow's avatar by CaptainSlow on Dec 18, 2014
Score: 6/10

What I Liked: Animation was good for the most part. Shimotsuki, and her evolution throughout the series from by-the-book faithful to a conflicted individual. The opening theme, along with its animation, had a great thriller feel to it. The ending theme. What I Didn't: Both the opening and ending themes leads you to think this series has psychological thriller written all over it. Characterisation was weak... read more

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