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In the future, a system called Sibyl presides over the country and provides order to every facet of life. It dictates which job fields citizens should go into based on aptitude tests, and can even read each resident's mental state and predict which ones are likely to commit crimes in the future. Fresh from exams, Akane Tsunemori is beginning her career as an Inspector, a specialized police officer who works to apprehend these latent criminals and stop crimes before they happen. But not all that get caught are eliminated or jailed, some join the police force as Enforcers to provide insight into criminals’ minds, and Akane is warned not to get too close to them, as they're considered little more than hunting dogs. Though skeptical of this advice, and Sibyl's judgement, Akane is determined to work together with her Enforcers to protect the peace of her city and its inhabitants.

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Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Psycho-Pass 2 TV 2014 Sequel
Psycho-Pass Movie Movie 2015 TBD

related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Kanshikan Tsunemori Akane 2012 TBD
Name Role
Kyoji ASANO Character Design
Naoyoshi SHIOTANI Director
Yuugo KANNO Music
George WADA Producer
Kenji TOBORI Producer
Wakana OKAMURA Producer

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Psycho-Pass Yui15 3/10 Jul 5, 2014
Psycho-Pass NeiniAurora3500 10/10 Jun 30, 2014
Psycho-Pass Roxandria 10/10 Apr 28, 2014
List Title Username Entries Date
Great Endings Thetrooper007 9 Jul 8, 2014
2014-07_Game0ver wiredpanda 7 Jul 7, 2014
Top Favourite Animes PaulCreenis 45 Jul 3, 2014
ferengi4 watched Psycho-Pass at 22 of 22 episodes
MarikGr is watching Psycho-Pass anime at 1 of 22 episodes
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yasuuu rated the Psycho-Pass anime 4.5/5 stars

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Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

It is the year 2029, and as many rush to embrace the changes that cybernetic technology bring to mankind, the seedier side of humanity is even quicker to take advantage of it. This series follows Public Peace Section 9, a government organization that plays behind the scenes to stop the worst of these criminals. Join Major Motoko Kusanagi and her team as they take you through an incredibly vivid world filled with plots of such depth and intrigue as is seldom seen.

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Both are futuristic cop anime, with an interesting mental element to them. Stunning scenery and dark settings, both pose question about the way technology is progressing and how this could interfere with our personal freedoms.


The Project I.G. signature is all over the place.

Using the elements of Ghost in the Shell to depict the investigation by "dog hounds" against perpetrators human or machines, the home virtualisation tool similar to the one in AppleSeed are just mere example of the depiction of its signature.

The setting is very similar to GITS as well and technically this the best Production I.G. work which started on the TV screen with Patlabor and GITS.


Both have a similar theme. While GitS is a well known classic Psycho Pass aren't that mature and weak on some points. Yet still it they share many similar things and worth watching.


These anime have slightly different styles of storytelling, but they are both anime about police forces that directly deal with crimes shaped by the world they live in. And the world the characters live in is different from modern society due to the invention of a certain technology (prosthetics in Ghost in the Shell and the Psycho-pass in...Psycho-Pass).


Very similar in animation and artistry. The complex societal idealism keeps the watcher thinking and not to mention the intense action that'll keep you wanting more. They both share underlying themes of how over technological the future may become.  If you like one, you'll love the other.


Very similar themes, both follow government organisations trying to stop crimes in a cyber world very different from the one we know.


Both Ghost in the Shell and Psycho-pass are excellent futuristic sci-fi revolving around a team of detectives that confront big social questions. Ghost in the Shell is about the tricky relationship between humans and the technology they so desperately rely on. Psycho-pass, on the other hand, asks us how far we would go to repress the negative side of the human personality. They have a similar serious tone and present a cast of really intriguing characters (note, both pull of excellent complex antagonists). GitS is episodic for a significant portion whereas Psycho-pass has one plot thread running throughout, but you will be equally satisfied by how each weaves its world and the moral dilemmas that ensue.


Both these series are futuristic sci-fi shows that follow a group of law enforcers that end up tackling massive social questions and conspiracies. They differ in their plots, with Psycho Pass being about the lengths humanity will go to in order to eliminate crime, ill-will and hatred. GitS on the other hand is more about humans and their relationship with technology. Both series have a set of really well fleshed out characters, and an especially brilliant antagonist. 


Both are futuristic adult cop dramas that have a darker theme. If you liked the deep conversions and discussions about advancements in technology and see how they may affect future generations, and the little but meaningful action that proceeded in psyco-pass then GITS is for you. Gits is more polished and stylish but both could almost happen in the same timeline/universe.


The main reason you might like Ghost in the Shell after watching Psycho-Pass (or the other way around...) is obviously the fact that they are both futuristic and deal with issues in cyber world. The build up of the both series is quite similar as well and the serious, gloomy(ish) atmosphere.


Both series are a sci-fi style futureistic police series. Whilst they actually have quite different methods of story telling and tackling cases they are actually quite a like when boiled down to the crunch. Whilst Psycho-pass has a more one fixed crime focus (with story and branch crimes as it goes) and ghost in the shell has a more variety they are very similar in the core works. The two series are actually very alike, not just because the futuristic settings but the story and how the series handle situations (as police).


Production I.G know how to make good sci-fi.


This alone for the correlation of the Laughing Man story arc to what Makashima's character is in Psycho Pass. The perceived villain is very masked, and elusive through most of the story progression. Both have the dystopic "it works for the greater good" society that as soon as you peel back the paint is a measure of things that are broken and abused - making the purpose of the main characters relevant to the progression of the story. 


Both are detective/futuristic/cyber punk shows that dive deep into theroies on humanity and the responses to technology.


Both are police procedural dramas set in cyberpunk dystopian futures. They also both explore interesting psychological themes.


Both are futuristic crime solving animes involving intelligent criminals who the investigators should uncover their truth and bring them to justice in their own way.

They both can at times have dark atmosphere and show the effects of technology on the society and how much humans are becoming like machines.

Death Note

Death Note

Have you ever felt like the world would be a better place if certain people weren’t around? Such grim daydreams might occur when watching the dismal daily news, but on one fateful day, Light Yagami finds that these daydreams can become reality. By pure happenstance, he comes across a black notebook entitled "Death Note", whose text within states that whoever's name is written on its pages will die. With the aid of the death god Ryuk, Light takes it upon himself to rid the world of its corruption, ushering in a new era of purity one death at a time. But as Ryuk foretells, Light's actions will not go unchallenged...

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What strikes me as similar about Death Note and Psycho-pass is that they both ask similar heavy questions about justice and the treatment of criminals. The premise in both revolves around a method of controlling crime before it happens, and the human drama that follows revolves largely around the police and their role in society.


The central themes of justice and revenge, as well as treatment of criminals and the justice system in geneal, are present in both.  If you enjoy anime that make you think on larger scale issues, chances are you'll enjoy both.


Both are darker psychological thrillers. The settings are different, one modern....one futuristic, but both are about fictional moral systems, and the cat and mouse game that follows.


Both of these shows are very psycological, violent, and focus on two brilliant men hunting each other.  If you enjoyed watching two people trying to out-think each other, then these shows both do that extremely well.


These two may not seem similar at face.  They sure as hell don't have similar plots.  However these anime's are both well drawn, animated, and are very dialogue heavy. These both have pretty badass unique story lines and you're not sure who the bad guy is either.  Something that doesn't happen very often in modern anime is a strong male character.. here's two animes have em.  I'd recommend this anime to anyone who doesn't suck :).


Both are suspense thrillers that focus on the exploits of vain morally questionable geniuses. Death Note is seen through the eyes of the villain while Psycho-Pass is seen through the eyes of the hero. They contrast each other nicely and could conceivably have been set in the same world.

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From the New World

From the New World

One thousand years from now, humanity live pastoral lives aided by psychokinetic powers and the subservient Monster Rats. Saki Watanabe has just come of age, and her power has been reined in through meditation and hypnosis. She joins the Unified Class, where she will learn about her power and the world around her; yet so much of the truth is kept hidden. Her friends Shun, Mamoru, Satoru, and Maria share in her curiosity, and decide to go out of their way to seek the truth. But will the secrets of the past and present turn out to be things that Saki really wants to know?

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Intense would be the word I would use to describe these two animes.

Psycho pass and Shinsekai Yori are both gripping dramas that occur in an dystopian future. They both raise some interesting questions about what would be a right or wrong choice when the world has moved so far ahead that conventional standards no longer apply. Would it be easy making the seemly "right" choice when it could result in countless deaths in the future? There are no easy answers, and these animes will have you glued to your seats as you watch the protagonist come to grips with these terms.


Both have strong female leads that develop as the series goes on.  Both provide haunting futures for humanity, that have the veil of utopia stripped away by the thought provoking antagonists.


Both are very different animes compared to what is usually the norm, and have some type of deeper meaning and make you question societal conventions. Shinsekai Yori is a bit harder to understand, while Psycho Pass appeals more to the mass market.


Both of these animes take place in dystopian futures where a strong female protagonist and her comrades go through a mysterious, action-packed journey to discover the secrets behind the truth of their worlds. Thought-provoking themes and character complexities place these towards mature audiences and will thrill viewers with the depravity and darker aspects of their storytelling.


both animes have these underlying philosophical questions of what's right and wrong while being packed with action, both animes are a must watch if you're into complex stories


Both of them ask very profound philosophical questions about what is right and wrong, and questions the ethics/morals of their and our society.

There is also enough suspense and action in both to not be tedious to watch.

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Darker Than Black - Kuro no Keiyakusha

Darker Than Black - Kuro no Keiyakusha

A giant wall looms over Tokyo, shielding the city from a dangerous otherworld called the 'Hell's Gate'. Within the city, things are no less terrifying because Contractors, psychopathic killers with phenomenal powers, have started to appear. These killers are compelled to pay a price every time they use their powers, often in the form of a meaningless or painful task. As their deadly habits rack up a gruesome death toll, Kirihara Misaki and her team from the Foreign Affairs Public Security struggle to solve the cases and bring the Contractors under control. Their task is further confounded by the interference of a masked individual they title Messier Code BK201, a man with abilities that allow him to fight and defeat the Contractors. Who is this BK201? How can the Contractors be stopped permanently? And what does the appearance of the Hell's Gate mean for the people of Tokyo?

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Both of these animes are dark stories about vigilantes chasing down other vigilantes with layered characters progressing through complex dilemmas and development, as well as adopting two-episode arcs for storytelling up until the final clash. Fans of thrillers and action with grim overtones should check these out.


Both Darker Than Black and Psycho-Pass take place in societies where information is a tightly controlled commodity.  The male protagonists in both have conflicting emotions about the current state of society and their places in it.


These 2 are very similar in terms of protagonists as well as having a Dystopian setting. Both are quite dark and lovely in their own ways.

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Ergo Proxy

Ergo Proxy

In a futuristic world almost barren of life, mankind is confined to mechanized domed cities where A.I.’s control all aspects of life. In this world, humans are no longer born, they are manufactured in a production line; and alongside them live androids known as autoreivs. Within one of these domed sanctuaries named Romdeau lives Re-l Mayer, one of a few citizens who aren’t entirely prevented from thinking. Her grandfather's prominent position and the affection of the scientist Daedalus have left her more free will than is normally allowed, but Re-l has started to question the sanctity of the city and the citizens' perfect way of life. With mysterious beings known as proxies causing havoc and a man named Vincent causing great influence on her life, Re-l must travel outside of the city to find the answers she seeks and discover the mystery behind "the awakening".

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Both series involve very resilient female characters who live in a dystopic future. Each main character, in her own way, undertakes a journey of discovery which is highly personal, but also takes a long, hard look at the methods of control which govern her society.


As far as Cyberpunk and Futuristic themes go, these are great choices.  Though Ergo Proxy became an instant classic, Psycho Pass is a great follow up. What else do you need? Action, suspense, and great fast paced artistry.


Both Ergo Proxy and Psycho-Pass have strong female leads, strong stories focus around a futuristic world where perhaps technology has gone to far and sets of diverse and interesting characters.

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