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In the future, a system called Sibyl presides over the country and provides order to every facet of life. It dictates which job fields citizens should go into based on aptitude tests, and can even read each resident's mental state and predict which ones are likely to commit crimes in the future. Fresh from exams, Akane Tsunemori is beginning her career as an Inspector, a specialized police officer who works to apprehend these latent criminals and stop crimes before they happen. But not all that get caught are eliminated or jailed, some join the police force as Enforcers to provide insight into criminals’ minds, and Akane is warned not to get too close to them, as they're considered little more than hunting dogs. Though skeptical of this advice, and Sibyl's judgement, Akane is determined to work together with her Enforcers to protect the peace of her city and its inhabitants.

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RoyalOss Aug 15, 2014
Score 8.3/10

I basicly made a review of the show while discussing it with another member, so Ill share my view with the rest of the community aswell.
In the future the Sibyl system rules everyday life. It will pick you career based on what will make you the happiest but it can also predict which people are likely to commit crimes. The psycho-pass everyone has will change colour depending on their... read more

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ratchet573 Jun 5, 2013
Score 8.5/10

Hi there. It's been a while since I've written a review so allow me to preface this by saying I haven't been watching a lot of anime lately and don't know what's good or what's bad this season or the past three seasons for that matter. The only reason I decided to watch this was a feature in Otaku USA. And no, I do not subscribe nor ever read Otaku USA, especially considering how amazing they reviewed Blood C... read more

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