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Psycho Diver: Soul Siren

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Yuki Kanou is a young pop singing idol, yet there are times when she simply cannot sing. However, then Bosujima comes into the picture – he is a "Psycho Diver", a person who uses technology to enter another person's mind in an attempt to cure their mental trauma. Diving into Yuki's subconscious, Bosujima finds himself in a world of symbolism, danger and the occult. As he delves deeper into the case, he learns that his loved ones have become targets of the mysterious cult holding sway over Yuki. How much will Bosujima sacrifice to save the idol, and at what cost is Yuki's happiness?


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Name Role
Makoto KOGA Character Design
Mamoru KANBE Director
Akihiko HIRAMA Music

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Amusingly violent anime wanda 23 Oct 12, 2011
Anime I helped submit to A-P AnarchicQ 25 Dec 13, 2009

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  • 2006

In Japan, a team of scientists have created a medical breakthrough: a device that allows the wearer to enter the dreams of a patient, for the purpose of healing. The talented Paprika is a master at her profession, but complications have now appeared in the form of a “dream terrorist” – an unknown foe who inserts nightmares into the minds of those who use the device. The victims are swept up in a ghoulish parade of dolls, kitchen appliances, and musical animals, and are reduced to a vegetable state – or worse. Now, Paprika and the team of scientists must delve into the minds of those affected to figure out the source of the tampering before more people, including themselves, are damaged beyond repair.

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Paprika and Psycho Diver start with the same basic idea- delving into the mind and the subconcious. It might be interesting to the watcher to maybe imagine the same technologies used for different pourpose.